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Spreesy – Easy Email Collection & Marketing

Spreesy – Easy Email Collection & Marketing

Developed by Spreesy

20 reviews
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  • Rapidly Grow Your Email List
  • Sell Directly To Your Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest Followers
  • Simple, Automated, Seamless

** Note: we are not currently supporting Shopify product syncing **


Spreesy is the most powerful social commerce solution for businesses of all sizes. You can list a new product in seconds, and sell to your customers where they're most engaged.

Thousands of sellers trust Spreesy to automate their sales, invoicing, checkout, and payments every day.



  • Shoppable posts: a quick and effortless way for your customers to shop on Instagram by commenting with their email address.

  • #Subscribe: customers can #subscribe to your store to receive instant updates via email when you post new products.
  • Twitter

  • Shoppable tweets: optimized tweets that allow your followers to purchase your products directly from Twitter.
  • Facebook

  • Comment Buying: anyone on Facebook can request a secure checkout link by commenting on your post with their email address.
  • Store Tab: upon posting your first Facebook product, a shoppable store tab will appear on your Facebook page.
  • Spreesy Stores

  • Shoppable Store: as a Spreesy seller you get a beautiful, mobile-friendly site where your customers can browse and purchase your products from any device.

    • Automatically import your Spreesy orders to Shopify.

    • Real-time inventory syncing across Spreesy & Shopify.

    • Create an effortless affiliate program for your brand using Spreesy's Partners Program: www.Spree.to

    • No contracts, no commitments, cancel anytime.

    • Mobile-optimized product pages and checkout for your customers.

    • Seamless posting across your social networks from our mobile app.

    • Instant payments when you make sales. We never hold your funds.

    • Customers can pay using PayPal or any major credit/debit card.


    Email us anytime with questions at support@spreesy.com, or learn more about Spreesy at www.Spreesy.com.

    Spreesy – Easy Email Collection & Marketing reviews

    20 reviews
    1. 5 stars (4 reviews)
    2. 4 stars (2 reviews)
    3. 3 stars (1 review)
    4. 2 stars (4 reviews)
    5. 1 star (8 reviews)

    Sent an email about my products not showing up on Spreesy after integration and have yet to hear anything back days later. Poor customer service.


    This a great app and really easy to use. I would recommend.


    We thought this app was the perfect solution to our problems, but over time it's become more glitchy, especially with the integrations.


    Works less than 50% of the time


    Extremely dissapointed. very manual process. You have to manually insert the images in to insta just to post from spreesy......????? uninstalling the app now.....and only 20 currencies supported ...only supports paypal for payment.

    very unflexible app this is. on with more search


    I was really happy when I found this app, I thought it was going to make my Instagram selling much easier but it only made things more complicated. At first everything appeared to be working great. All of my inventory synced into Spreesy and when people commented with their email they were sent an invoice. Then the issues started happening. Every single time I received an order they did not sync with my Shopify orders nor did the item get taken out of my inventory. So I had to manually do everything. Also products started not showing up in Spreesy and not updating when edited. Buttons were evening disappearing on certain products. Furthermore when I contacted them about these issues I did not receive a response. I contacted them again providing pictures and details on my issues I was having. I finally received a response asking for more information. I replied back explaining more of my problem and never heard back from them. Cool idea, poor execution and customer service.


    Heaven sent. I was perplexed trying to figure out how to sell my products online through social media without paying alot. Spreesy makes it easy to set up and start showing your products to the world lickity split. I am hopeful my business will flourish thanks to spreesy.


    I tried this App and uninstalled the very same day as I don't understand the point of this App..there is no "seamless integration" of importing files from Shopify to Spressy. Also after this I received an email saying
    "Spreesy will begin charging a flat 2% transaction fee on April 10th. For a seamless transition, please update your PayPal account connection before April 10th.
    To update, simply disconnect and then reconnect your PayPal account to Spreesy.
    Why is this? Its in the Free section, NO mention of payments before and I do not have it anyway!!!!


    Great product for those who want to increase sales , only problem is that after 24hs I can not enter the product page to send the products on their market , this becomes a huge problem ... for those who must sell. now you can have the possibility to send the products to them . I hope they resolve this issue.


    Couldn't check out, Looks like a nice idea posting went fine, But could not check out, Requested help from support twice as well as asked the question on why people have to post their email address on Facebook to buy, (As a consumer I would not do that) Did not not get a reply for the support team.


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