Email Marketing and Paid Ads

Email Marketing and Paid Ads

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103 anmeldelser
12. maj 2022

Springbot had been Great! I've been using them for the past 3+yrs and they have not only my helped my business grow, but also save money! Springbot is so easy and they have great customer service. I recommend Springbot to people all the time. You should definitely try them out.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 3 år
27. september 2021

Quickly installed/uninstalled app just to leave a review. These people do not stop calling my phone number. I've asked them numerous times to stop contacting me by phone or email. I'm not interested in any of their services nor will I ever be interested. Yet they continue to harass me over the phone. Unbelievable. Use their services at your own risk.

VVS Jewelry
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mindre end et minut
Springbot svarede 4. oktober 2021

Hi VVS team,

We apologize for the ongoing contact from our team after you requested they stop. We have dealt with the situation internally, and have also placed your business on our Do Not Contact list. If you have any questions or further concerns, please reach out to us at

17. september 2021

Love Springbot! I have been using them for years now and it has helped my business so much. It is so easy and they have great customer service. Definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 3 år
16. september 2021

Springbot have enabled us to increase both revenue and traffic via their Email Campaign, Adroll module and Facebook marketing expertise. They are responsive to email and provide great customer service and assistance.

Shaving Time
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Næsten 2 år
Redigeret 7. september 2021

The team from Springbot has been very helpful, and patient with me, I would definitely recommend giving them a try.

Saradee Boutique
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 25 dage
21. juni 2021

Onboarding was so clear, smooth and seamless. The whole team has been so kind, thoughtful and enthusiastic and I look forward to seeing our collaborative success.

Uncle Nick's
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 11 måneder
Redigeret 21. februar 2022

We highly recommend. Great app to help organize data and grow your shopify store through email campaigns, automation, and adrol advertising.

Tropical Bros
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Mere end 4 år
16. april 2021

We've been using Springbot for a few years now for retargeting and automated emails. We had a good onboarding process and it was easy to understand what we needed to do to get going. Since then, whenever we need to update our content or need support, our rep Ryan is always quick to respond and happy to get on a phone call to answer any question or work on making changes for us.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 4 år
Redigeret 13. april 2021

It was a learning curve. I used to use Omnisend. I am not very computer saavy but they helped me to grow my company. I had to lower my costs so I changed to a smaller company Machine Labs and am happy with that. The conversions from emails did work well. I had to help Springbot improve a lot of their errors. They did have a Messenger ads and Ad Roll but at cost. I suppose it helped get some return. I would rather use my money to do some FB ads direct to get people in the door. I hope they improve slowly.

Debra's Passion Boutique
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 2 år
5. marts 2021

I paid them to do exactly what I have been doing. I did not see a return on my investment and when I questioned them on the return I was ignored. My account manager was never available when I was. My sales dropped. Do not waste your money on this application. You can do these services on your own. Complete rip off.

Silky Sol Vegan Restorative Aesthetics
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 9 måneder