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We've used this app for about 10 months now - I cannot recommend it if you have half an understanding of how to do these things yourself.

Originally promised a "partner" in marketing and that they would do the heavy lifting and let me focus on the products and technical part. They were originally enthusiastic - until they weren't. FB marketing contact quit and it took 4 MONTHS to get them doing anything. And only with threats of pulling my account.

We're back to not contact in over 2.5 months, and simply phoning in bullshit ads that aren't having an ROI. They CLAIM ROI, but it's sales I enter manually. Better off using the money and doing your own Ad-spend and controlling your image.

We are in the middle of cancelling our contract right now. Do not waste your money if you are capable of doing this on your own or have a specialized product/field.

Tuner Tools
使用應用程式 大約4年

I've been using Springbot for quite a while now (since the MailChimp debacle). I was promised that they would be a "partner" in my marketing efforts. This isn't the case. It's just an app. I get an email once in a blue moon with a suggestion here and there. Not much of a "partner".

They changed the interface for their email creation. It is very difficult to use.

I opted to let them manage my Facebook Ads as well. MISTAKE. My rep just up and left without notice. Emails went unanswered, which was infuriating. No communication. I just out of the blue get an email from my new FB ads rep. No explanation.

Speaking of FB ads. I went through all of the ones that Springbot created, and found 1/2 of them not pointing to my Instagram page and were using the wrong pixel. It was using an inactive one. FOR 3 MONTHS.

I'm dropping them like a hot rock. The service is NOT worth the monthly fee.

I'm really tired of Shopify Partners screwing me out of my hard earned money.

Smoky Mountain Beard Co.
使用應用程式 大約1年

Couldn't agree more with Tuner Tools below, if you have an app like Omnisend downloaded and are comfortable creating your own emails and "abandoned cart" emails, etc then SpringBot offers you no advantage.

Communication was poor and delivery deadlines they promised were not met. Delivered emails was poor quality and lacked marketing expertise.

Calgary Saddlery
使用應用程式 2個月

EDIT: 07/12/17

We were contacted continually over the course of three-four months by one of their sales representatives. They were pretty good at selling the product, making all kinds of promises. Eventually we decided to give it a go. $499 a month... Once we signed up we scheduled an on-boarding call which didn't go well. I was told that the first call was 30 minutes and couldn't run over. We had lots of questions as we wanted to get the best out of springbot immediately. The integration was set over SIX weeks of single 30 minute phone calls. The email tool was terrible, use Mail Chimp!!! The analytical data was inconsistent and didn't match what we knew from other tools. They say 'no contract' but when you cancel they try to take an extra months payment. In comparison we use Mailchimp Yotpo and Zenstores. All three of which have been fantastic, good customer service and worth the investment. These guys are a bunch of misleading condescending rip-off-merchants. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. 0/5 stars.


Springbot reached out. It turns out they did indeed charge us for a second month, after confirming that they wouldn't via email. Having communicated with them a little further they refunded both payments. So as a business we aren't left with close to $1000 down the drain. The whole experience wasn't great. But the most recent contact from Emily was much better. She was really considerate and objective. In her own words she gave us a amicable exit, which was much easier than the emergency exit we used initially. The first part of the review is reflective of the experience. Although I feel Emily's customer service efforts have been very good. So I have adjusted the review to 2/5 stars. I wish springbot all the best in the future, and hope other customers receive better service than I did. I think Emily should teach some of the other members of the team about customer service.

Hollands Country Clothing
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