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Loyalty Rewards and Referrals


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Five Skincare

I don't really feel like dealing with Every (formerly Spruli) anymore, but I feel it's my duty to inform future users. We installed the app on our shops this summer after a long consideration and spared no effort for the adjustments. Since there are many loyalty apps on Shopify that disappear after a short time, I asked Spruli about their future plans. I was assured that everything would go as planned, etc. Not even one month after the installation I suddenly see a strange app in our shop. Without any information Spruli was taken over by Every. Absolutely no communication in advance, just nothing! For us Every is useless, because several important elements cannot be translated and the customers are asked really stupid questions, which completely confuse the customers. I have complained to Every several times. My questions were always answered, but my complaints about the unfortunate takeover were not answered at all. We will uninstall the app shortly. I would have wished for it differently and would have been ready to make the necessary adjustments and would have accepted an apology for the bad communication. Unfortunately Every missed the chance completely. Absoult not to be recommended!

Go Fetch! pet food

I would have to recommend not using this app.

I installed this app back in January when it was called Spruli. It was a nice app that worked well and had great support. I wrote a glowing 5-star review at that time. It was deserved.

Not anymore.

Spruli was taken over by a group named Every, that revamped the app and it has been an absolute train wreck ever since.

First issue, they changed the points awarded per dollar to a set amount that is 2.5 times what I had set up in Spruli. The great part is they never notified me of the change. Awesome.

Next issue, the app was awarding points for signing up even though I had that option unchecked. A lot of points. How about $20 in points for signing up? Awesome, huh?

Next issue, I unchecked the option of awarding points for an order so that I could use the app as a referral program only. Yep. You guessed right. Still kept awarding points for orders.

Next issue, a group of questions suddenly appeared in the app for customers to answer. All fashion related questions. I am a pet business. No way to change that in the app admin. Even better, the app awarded 10 points for every question a customer answered. No way I could change that in admin either.

There were other issues too. Basically, much of the app did not function properly.

Every time I contacted Every support, they had to fix the issues in their 'back end" despite being things the store owner should be able to control from the app admin. Sometimes they were polite. Sometimes they were argumentative and pointed the finger at me.

Just an awful, unpleasant experience. In my opinion, Shopify should pull this app until it is fixed.

Sorry Every, but you earned this review 100%. Fix your app.

(oh yeah - I deleted Every and switched to another app that actually works)

SoCal Queen

They bought out Spruli who had very good customer support - perhaps that's why their lack of support is so disappointing - not existent for my business and worse for my customers

OK since my 1 star rating they have reached out to me and are fixing thing in their "back end" - they are going through some growing pains but seem earnest in wanting to be good at customer service so I am upping them for now to a 3 and if things happen as promised it will go up again - stay tuned

Ultimate Modelling Products

I have had to change my review from a 5 star down to a 1 star Since the company changed their name from Spruli to Every! Reasons below....

I've sent many messages about the points multiplier not working over the in app message box, but I've received no reply! Now the box has disappeared so, does this mean there is no contact now? Where as there was before! Have you completely withdrawn from all support?

The program has automatically set that each point is worth £0.20 now, this means that people are getting 5 x the normal points each order and I'm a having to manually adjust each and every order....!!!! When before it was set to 1 point per £1 spent. This would bankrupt me if I left it as is. It should be 1 point per £1 spent, not each point is worth a certain unchangeable value! There is now no way to change this, not even through the wizard! Why have you changed this?

Since this has changed from Spruli to Every there has been no end of problems! The new customer widget is awful, bland and completely uninspiring and the floating widget is barely able to been seen now it's a tiny snowflake!

I've had no contact, no support and if the changes are unchangeable, why were we never informed this would happen? I now have to change my entire points based system or as I'm doing at the moment, amend each and every sale! Not a good situation! Why is each point worth so much now? It's ludicrous!

The Great North Co

Links don't work on instagram. not user friendly

Ponyboy Paintball

Jon is amazing!! I had used another app and it didn't work off the bat and it's been 5 days with no fixes. I got this set up in 30mins and Jon helped with some questions I had. Great app! Thank you!

Tigofit Power Shakes

The Spruli app brought life to my store. My customers love earning points (we call them bananas) with every purchase, and are very active in redeeming them. I have a Point of Sale store along with the online store and can still send points. The POS app is compatible with the Spruli point system. My customers ask for their points at the store.

Customer service is also fantastic. Replies within 5 minutes. Highly highly recommended, if not an essential app for a fun shopping experience.


Jon and everyone at Spruli have been great with helping us implement all of the necessary features we require! This app runs smooth and is easy to use. We've tried all of the rewards apps and this has been the best.


An amazing app. Simply the best loyalty rewards app. The structure and ease of use is great. Great work guys. I am sure you will be adding some great new features that I am looking forward to see. I would love to be able to send a mail to my members with a reminder of their point balances. The support guys are also very friendly and always willing to help.

Several months after installing the app I am still impressed by the service and friendliness of support. I really feel that they have the best interest of me and my business at heart.

Digital Movies Now

This is my first experience with rewards, and I went with this program because of the other reviews this app has gotten. They don't have very many reviews, but don't let that sway your opinion. This app is perfectly integrated into your Shopify store. Very very easy to manage! I love it! Only been using it for nearly a month, but no complaints! Price is also fantastic!

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