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Sync Your Inventory Between Your Store and 1 Square Location.

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Inventory Sync

Automatically keep your inventory in sync between one Shopify location and one Square location.

Stock Reconciliation

Manually reconcile inconsistencies between the Shopify and Square with our easy-to-use interface.

[Near] Real-Time

Any stock affecting events on either platform will be reflected in the other within 60 seconds.

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What does this app do?

SkuHarmony keeps your inventory count in perfect sync between one Square location and one Shopify store. For example, if you sell 2 units of SKU-A0001 in Shopify, 2 units will automatically be deducted from that same SKU-A0001 in Square, and vice versa.

Who is this app for?

SkuHarmony is for small merchants (~3,000 SKU variants or fewer), using Square for their POS and Shopify for their website, who wish to keep their inventory in sync for accurate stock levels and financial statements.

What does the free version do?

The free version will allow you to see any discrepancies between Square and Shopify and reconcile them MANUALLY with a few clicks of a button.

What does the paid version do?

With a small monthly fee, SkuHarmony listens to both Square and Shopify for any events that affect your inventory. These include: (a) orders, (b) refunds, and (c) manual adjustments. Each time a change is detected on one platform, it is AUTOMATICALLY replicated on the other.

What does this app NOT do?

This app was not designed to keep your product details/descriptions in sync between platforms. This will still need to be done manually. SkuHarmony syncs inventory quantities only.

What's required from me?

  1. You must have the 'Inventory Tracked by Shopify' setting enabled for all products/variants that you wish to have synced.
  2. All of your product variants must exist in both Shopify and Square.
  3. All of your product variants must have a SKU (and a unique SKU) assigned to them in both Shopify and Square.


  • If no products show up from Shopify, please check that each SKU has selected "Shopify Tracks This Products Inventory" and have a UNIQUE SKU assigned to it.
  • If no products show up from Square, please ensure you have inventory added to your Square account.

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2.2 stelle su 5

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Glitz Soap Co.

This app is pretty bad. I spent days setting up SKUs and entering inventory. Signed up for the auto sync at $50 a month. It’d be worth that if it worked. Shopify orders aren’t decreasing inventory in Square and Square sales aren’t decreasing inventory in Shopify, except one in about 10 inventory changes (an order for 4 products correctly changed inventory for only one of them). Inventory is randomly being changed for one product with no activity to tel it to do so. I am sad, if this app worked well enough, it’d be great. It’s unusable.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

12 gennaio 2021

We apologize for any issues you experienced when syncing inventory. Please contact support to have your specific account looked into so we can better understand what may have happened.


SkuHarmony's customer service is horrible! After deleting the Skuharmony's App, due to its poor performance and the hardships I suffered due to the economic crisis from covid-19, I still got charged. I reached out to Shopify a few days later when the funds came out of my account. Shopify was helpful and understanding. They reached out to SkuHarmony for a much needed refund. This is the response I got from Dustin at SkuHarmony, "I authorize a refund for the SkuHarmony application if it was not performing to the user's expectations, but to request a refund "due to current situation with covid needs the funds back for the subscription" is a bit out of the ordinary. I don't run a charity. Do they have a better reason for requesting a refund?". I am completely turned off by Dustin's reply, simply hurtful. Do we need a better reason than Covid-19 and a pandemic? Unbelievable.

Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

Every time I add inventory to Square, the numbers in Shopify get screwed up. It often goes rogue, altering inventory numbers when no transactions have taken place to change numbers. Auto-sync works sporadically. Heading into the holiday season, I really need to trust the sync between Square and Shopify but cannot with SkuHarmony.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

21 ottobre 2020

We apologize for any issues you were experiencing in syncing inventory. Please contact support to troubleshoot your unique case and we'll get to the bottom of why this might be happening.