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Sync Your Inventory Between Your Store and 1 Square Location.

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Inventory Sync

Automatically keep your inventory in sync between one Shopify location and one Square location.

Stock Reconciliation

Manually reconcile inconsistencies between the Shopify and Square with our easy-to-use interface.

[Near] Real-Time

Any stock affecting events on either platform will be reflected in the other within 60 seconds.

Acerca de SkuHarmony

What does this app do?

SkuHarmony keeps your inventory count in perfect sync between one Square location and one Shopify store. For example, if you sell 2 units of SKU-A0001 in Shopify, 2 units will automatically be deducted from that same SKU-A0001 in Square, and vice versa.

Who is this app for?

SkuHarmony is for small merchants (~3,000 SKU variants or fewer), using Square for their POS and Shopify for their website, who wish to keep their inventory in sync for accurate stock levels and financial statements.

What does the free version do?

The free version allows you to clone your inventory from one platform to the other. Additionally, the free version will show discrepancies between Square and Shopify inventory and quantities and allow you to reconcile them MANUALLY with the click of a button.

What does the paid version do?

With a small monthly fee, SkuHarmony receives (via webhook) both Square and Shopify events that affect your inventory. These include: (a) orders, (b) refunds, and (c) manual adjustments. Each time a change is detected on one platform, it is AUTOMATICALLY replicated on the other.

What does this app NOT do?

This app was not designed to keep your product details/descriptions/images/pricing in sync between platforms. This will still need to be done manually. SkuHarmony syncs inventory quantities only.

What's required from me?

  1. You must have the 'Inventory Tracked by Shopify' setting enabled for all products/variants that you wish to have synced.
  2. All of your products/items and variant/variations must exist in both Shopify and Square.
  3. All of your products/items and variant/variations must have matching SKUs assigned in both Shopify and Square.


  • If no products show up from Shopify, check that each Product and Product Variant has a unique SKU and a quantity assigned (even zero). Leaving a blank for inventory can cause syncing problems.
  • If no items show up from Square, check that each Item and Item Variation has a unique SKU and a quantity assigned (even zero). Leaving a blank for inventory can cause syncing problems. Also, please ensure that "Tracking" under "Manage Stock" for each variation is checked and that it is available at the location you've chosen to sync using SkuHarmony.
  • Assigning the exact same SKU in both Shopify and Square for each Product/Item Variant/Variation is essential to ensuring a smooth sync. Please check to ensure this is the case before contacting support, as this is the #1 reason users experience issues.

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Free Plan


  • Log in to manually sync your inventory quantities between Shopify and Square

Automatic Sync


  • SkuHarmony will keep you inventory in-sync between Shopify and Square automatically in real-time

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.
** Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

2.4 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes

Brooklyn and Rye

I would honestly give this app a zero because that's what it deserves. It doesn't work. It's customer service is not good and it has made so much more work for me to clean up what it's app broke between Shopify & Square. The amount of duplicates the app has created is ridiculous. They should be paying me to clean up their messes. This app shouldn't be allowed on either Shopify or Square's platforms. It's horrible.

Respuesta del desarrollador

29 de noviembre de 2021

Hi Brooklyn and Rye,

I am sorry that your experience was less than ideal. Previously no one was monitoring customer support, and now someone is. As stated previously in an email, we would be more than happy to schedule a zoom meeting to identify bugs and solve other concerns you might have.

The team at SkuHarmony

Xtra 101

I needed this app for a transition from Square to Shopify. This is the absolute worst app for this task. Half the time SkuHarmony won't open and the other half of the time it takes a half hour to load just to end up crashing. I do not recommend.

Glitz Soap Co.

This app is pretty bad. I spent days setting up SKUs and entering inventory. Signed up for the auto sync at $50 a month. It’d be worth that if it worked. Shopify orders aren’t decreasing inventory in Square and Square sales aren’t decreasing inventory in Shopify, except one in about 10 inventory changes (an order for 4 products correctly changed inventory for only one of them). Inventory is randomly being changed for one product with no activity to tel it to do so. I am sad, if this app worked well enough, it’d be great. It’s unusable.

Respuesta del desarrollador

12 de enero de 2021

We apologize for any issues you experienced when syncing inventory. Please contact support to have your specific account looked into so we can better understand what may have happened.