Square Sync

Square Sync


Import, Export & Sync Square Products With 100% Confidence!

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Streamline Your Inventory

Automatically sync products with square and keep inventory accurate whenever a sale occurs.

Import / Export Products

Import / Export Products, Images, SKU, Barcode, Price, Category, Variants from Square.

Multi-Warehouse Support

Sync all your inventories across all your warehouses.

Square Sync 정보

What is Square Sync?

Syncs your Shopify and Square products in real-time across all your locations.

Why Choose Square Sync Over Our Lovely Competitors?

There are 4 major problems with them -

  • No Product Syncing- They don't sync products i.e they only sync quantity-related changes which fail to fulfill our actual point of syncing. Square Sync not only syncs quantity but also images, products, variants, prices as well. All in real-time.
  • No Real-Time Syncing - They aren't real-time syncing apps. Instead, they check for updates on our stores after every 'X' minutes. This can be catastrophic especially when we encounter a sudden surge in our sales. (For Example - Consider a simple case where more than 1 order gets placed within those 'X' minutes for a product having only 1 unit left)
  • No Multi-Location Support - They force us to use only 1 location for inventory syncing across our Shopify and Square store. Instead, Square Sync allows you to sync any number of locations in real-time.
  • Clumsy User Interface - They have a confusing design which makes it difficult for us to resolve any issues in sync. Only a genius can figure out how to set them up and get them to work properly.

Why Should You Choose Square Sync?

  • Maintains inventories in Real-Time (Square Sync handles even the case where orders are placed within milliseconds).
  • Gain confidence in your product's syncing.
  • Reduces order cancellation due to selling 'Out-of-Stock' products.
  • Pay only for the products you sync.
  • Supports multiple locations.
  • Revolutionary user interface.
  • CSV/PDF exports for handling discrepancies.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Up to 20,000 products supported.

Please Note: The term 'Square' is a trademark of Square, Inc. This application uses the Square API but is NOT endorsed by Square.


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Bronze Plan


  • For upto 100 products
  • Inventory Syncing
  • Online Support
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Silver Plan


  • For upto 500 products
  • Inventory Syncing
  • Online Support
  • Import/Export Products
  • Automatic SKU creation
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Gold Plan


  • For upto 1000 products
  • Inventory Syncing
  • Online Support
  • Import/Export Products
  • Automatic SKU creation
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Platinum Plan


Additional plans available. See our pricing page for details.

  • For upto 2500 products
  • Inventory Syncing
  • Product Syncing
  • Customer Syncing
  • Everything from Gold Plan

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This App has been a lifesaver! It is such a relief that I don’t have to remember to sit down and go through every transaction and compare and amend my products between Shopify and the Square App.

Free 24 7

Awesome product and exceptional customer service. We are no longer doing manual adjustments to our Shopify inventory and it's an incredible time saver. The App syncs perfectly with our Shopify inventory and updates in real time. These guys have made such a positive contribution to our business - well done to the Square Sync team

La Panadería

Fantastic app and fantastic support! Recommend for inventory syncing and more! Once it is setup, all has been going smooth.