SEO App by Squirrly SEO

SEO App by Squirrly SEO

par Squirrly Limited

See SEO traffic that helps you sell + SEO Booster and Rankings

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Turn SEO into Profit. Grow Now

When you plug in SEO app by Squirrly SEO, you get the new 2021 AI system to help you with keyword competition. Get profitable store listings

SEO Booster Keyword Research

You'll get to know how much SEO traffic you can get for each product. Customise product SEO based on keywords that already drive you sales.

Customise Product SEO

When you plug in SEO Live Assistant, it will be like having a SEO consultant giving you tips on how to customise product SEO. All-in-One SEO

À propos de SEO App by Squirrly SEO

Market Leaders and High Performers 2 Times-in-a-Row in 2021 on G2. We invested $2 Million USD in the SEO technologies we created for this app. 18,000 customers.

All the SEO Tools You Need to Rank Your Products on Google Search in One App

Now available as a Shopify App. Neil Patel, Brian Dean, the Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch have used and recommend this plug in seo app by Squirrly Limited.

Rank on Google Search with Your Products

As seen on: TechCrunch,, DeliveringHappiness, the Squirrly Company helps you with many tutorials and solid advice for ways to customise product descriptions for SEO.

Everything is based on powerful Keyword Research, that allows you to speak your customers' language.

Every week you'll get a new SEO Audit telling you where the store has improved and how many improvements you still need to make.

The SEO Audit takes into account all aspects of marketing an e-commerce store: blogging, traffic, authority, social media, links, and technical SEO.

Write perfect SEO product titles and product descriptions to outrank all other stores, and have your products shown in Google search results.

Why is Squirrly SEO a top SEO app choice for Shopify?

Here's a roundup of some of the tools you'll have access to within the Squirrly SEO App:

Keyword Research: Get Your Products in Front of the Right People at the Right Time

At its core, keywords research is all about grasping the language your potential customers are using to find the products you're selling.

Squirrly's intelligent Keyword Research does this brilliantly.

It also helps you unveil top keyword opportunities for your Shopify Store that you probably haven't considered before.

How does it work? It's simple: For every keyword that you enter in the Research Box, the Squirrly SEO App will generate a list of keywords.

For every keyword in the list, the SEO App will also provide more SEO Data: * Competition Authority Information (powered by Squirrly’s Market Intelligence features), * Competition Volume, * Search Trend Information, * Social media and Forum discussion intelligence.

SEO Live Assistant Gives As-You-Type SEO Advice to Optimize Your Product Pages

Your Virtual Live Assistant to guide you towards achieving On-Page SEO. When all the boxes turn Green, your content is ready to be Published!

Squirrly's Virtual Live Assistant is the closest thing to having a personal SEO consultant whose available 24/7 by your side - without the exorbitant price or the sometimes-confusing language.

Briefcase - Your Keyword Strategy Powerhouse

This lets you create colored tags and assign them to your keywords. Finding and managing keywords you're targeting will be a breeze.

Advanced Analytics - Know the SEO Keywords that drive sales and Rankings.

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  • Optimize unlimited products, collections, posts
  • 100 keyword research queries/month
  • Site audit for 100 pages
  • Manage your keyword portfolio

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** Les frais récurrents, y compris les frais mensuels ou les frais d'utilisation, sont facturés tous les 30 jours.

1.6 de 5 étoiles

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Avis les plus récents

African Fair Trade Society

Unfortunately, customer service is vague and didn't answer any questions until we got charged again. We asked numerous times if it's possible to transfer our WordPress license to Shopify but they kept giving us vague answers and it wasn't until we got charged that they specified. It was only until then they started to clarify. Okay developers but very poor customer service

Réponse du développeur

18 novembre 2021

You didn't have a problem with the Shopify App, which runs really well. Your review is about something else entirely. Our team has helped you understand that the WordPress product has a different licensing system sold through a completely different store.

Your purchase on Shopify was through the Shopify store and you had 14 days to decide to buy. You decided to buy. It's something that you have done yourself, by your actions.

Your WordPress license is completely different and has nothing to do with what's going on for the Shopify stores and we have explained this to you over 10 different email replies, which were all sent in due time.

What you are saying here are complete lies, and also irrelevant to the APP itself. You had a last moment change of heart and you are trying to blame it on us. Such imature business behaviour on your end is not something we can help with. You knew that you were buying a new app from a different store and you bought it after trialing it.

TERRIBLE! Will not load our products. Cute idea. But utterly worthless. Squirrly SEO is an appropriate name... This app is Squirrly! Update:
As regards the developer's response... I'm not a "competitor". Just a mercahnt trying to warn others about an item that failed to function.

Réponse du développeur

26 février 2021

[Update reply] This app is not supposed to load any of your products. We never said it would. Our app helps you optimize your store. It doesn't steal all your content from your shop. Why would we do that? That would be ridiculous.

Your review: It's also like going to Apple and leaving them a review on their iPhone: 1-star because it doesn't cook my lunch meal.

Squirrly didn't fail to function. It doesn't have to load any products.

This looks like a 1 star from some competitor. The app doesn't have to load any products? Did you read what it does? Did you watch any videos?

Here you can see all differences between our main product and this one

You will see that it's incredibly useful for SEO. You're saying such things about a software that's paid monthly by 7,479 Business Owners:

I think you haven't even tried it.

Cluj Work

I used this app to start keyword research site-wide. Now I have a clear picture of the products I need to place in my store, to gain visitors who search on Google. Also, even before releasing my store publicly it helped me write the text and place images in product pages, so when I release this store to search engines, I will be placed in front.

I would really like if they can add the rankings feature soon to the Shopify app. I know they have it for their WP version.