Stackable Discounts

Stackable Discounts


Stack discounts. Boost sales by combining multiple discounts

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Multiple Discount Sales

Stack multiple discounts including fixed amount, percentage, bogof, quantity breaks and volume discount types.

Gamified Sales Experience

Create a sales urgency with realtime discount updates and threshold tracking that provide a fun way to up-sell promotions and increase AOV.

All Automatic

Our AI discount engine figures out and applies the best discounts for your customer’s cart automatically which boosts conversion.

关于 Stackable Discounts

Apply multiple automatic & manual discounts/promotions

Stackable allows you to stack multiple promotions, from automatic discounts to manual codes, enabling your customers to not only benefit from all the savings but also to have a handy way to reference them at any point whilst they shop.

A Stack is a neat way to organise multiple discounts which describes the order in which they apply and/or if they compete with each other.

Since all the savings are worked out automatically, all your customers need to do is shop whilst being informed via notifications every time a saving has been made. If they have a code to hand, which has been included in the stack, they are free to add this on top of their savings.

Preview on your store without a subscription

Create stacks, customize and preview end-to-end on your store without committing to any subscriptions.

Compatible with Shopify POS

Stackable work on Shopify POS, allowing you combine the same discounts in store as you do online.

Realtime savings notifications

Your customers get realtime feedback on their current savings every time they add or edit their basket.

Create multiple stacks of discounts/promotions

Prepare campaigns and pre-plan by creating and storing multiple stacks you can switch on at anytime.

Create competing discount groups

Create groups of discounts where only one winner is applied.

Test various baskets against your discount stacks

Use the comprehensive testing area to test your discount stacks before publishing, by trying out different baskets of items.

Customize the theme and messaging

Choose some preset color themes or use your own brand colors to match the Stackable savings panel to your storefront theme. You can tailor the messaging for the various states.

Choice of a floating button or top bar style and custom cart integration

Choose between a floating button with pop-up panel or a top bar. With PRO membership, we offer cart integration.

Works with popular currency converters

Compatible with Bold Mutli-Currency, BEST Currency Converter & Auto Currency Switcher

Does not leave anything behind

If you choose to uninstall, we won't leave any code behind in your store and leave it as we found it!


In app support via chat & email. We can help you with installation if you need.

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  • Up to 5 Campaigns
  • Up to 5 Promotions per Campaign
  • For: Non Plus stores, max 2000 discounts/month



  • Unlimited Campaigns & Promotions
  • Scheduling
  • Dev support for cart integration within 72 hours
  • For non-Plus stores, max 2000 discounts/month



  • All Pro features plus
  • Theme integration (within 24 hours)
  • Priority Support
  • For Plus stores, max 2000 discounts/month

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5.0 评分

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The Journal Effect

This app is amazing. Makes having multiple discounts a million times easy. But where they really shine is their customer service. Responded very quickly. I wanted to know if their App worked with another discount app I have for running sales, and they downloaded and tested the other app just to ensure that it would work for me.


I seldom write reviews. To be honest, there are never many apps that deserve my time to bother tapping away wanting to convince others to try it. But this app has earned my time - and I really want other people to try it to see what they are missing out on! If you've ever tried to add 'tier pricing' to your shopify store (buy 2 get 10% off, buy 3 get 15% off etc), you'll soon discover that their is a glaring issue with ALL shopify apps that offer this feature, and that is that in doing so you cannot offer further discount coupons to your customers at the checkout. The reason being that every app that offers tier pricing uses the 'draft orders api', and in doing so goes through to a totally different shopify checkout that does not have a coupon code box! (crazy I know - and I only found this out through numerous chats with Shopify support!) Its been a massive bug bear of mine for years that Shopify does not offer tier pricing 'out of the box', and one that has not been resolved....until now! Enter Stackable. This app is nothing short of genius. It is simplistic in its set up, but allows for complex discounts to be applied in any number of ways. Want tier pricing on some of your products - no problem. Want to also offer a slow selling product with £5 off - again, no problem. You can 'stack' your discounts in the order you want them to be applied, so in the above example, someone can add 3 items to the cart that each have £5 off, and the same product could also have a tier pricing discount of 10% for buying the same 3 items. It would then take £15 off the 3 items, and then apply the 10% off - depending on how you've 'stacked' the discount. The customer can also enter a coupon you have given them (maybe in an email) and this will also be stacked and applied. The support is outstanding, and very responsive (Ive only contacted them for advice, rather than issues) and they have come back to me within the hour. They will even set up your cart page to show the discounts being applied to each line item! If you do nothing else, install the app, have a play around with it, and discover what your store has been missing! All in all one of the very best apps I have had the pleasure to install on Shopify, and one I wont be uninstalling any time soon. Highly recommended - Great work guys!


I needed to run two promotions at once- one an automatic discount and the other a promo code, and be able to prioritize the code so that when entered it would remove the automatic discount and replace it. I had a very hard time finding an app that would do this, and stackable was the only one that seemed to have this functionality. The support person, Gavin, was extremely helpful. He responded to my inquiry right away and helped me set everything up in a hurry.