Stackry International Shipping

Stackry International Shipping

af Stackry LLC

Effortlessly open your store to billions of shoppers worldwide

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Easy to implement

Activate Stackry’s international shipping widget in a few clicks.

Headache-free global shipping

Stackry has the expertise to help online retailers maximize their international revenues, often without any expensive promotional efforts.

Safe and secure

Stackry’s innovative solution take the friction, cost and risk out of international e-commerce.

Om Stackry International Shipping

The Stackry International Shipping app for Shopify seamlessly integrates Stackry's sign-up widget into your store allowing your international customers to instantly access Stackry's services which allow them to shop from your store.

Stackry allows you to serve international clients as if they were domestic clients. No worries about all of the complexity of international shipping regulation. And at the same time providing your customers the least expensive way to ship their goods abroad.

How does it work?

The Stackry International Shipping app places our widget onto your site in key locations for international customers to notice. The widget explains Stackry's services and allows your customers to instantly sign-up for a Stackry account. From there they can complete their order on your store and have you ship it to their domestic Stackry address.

Benefits to you

  • Eliminate all of your cart abandonment by international shoppers
  • You don't need to worry about shipping internationally

    • No worries about international shipping rates
    • No worries about Customs and International Tax
    • No worries about hazardous materials, shipping reguations and regulated goods
    • Allow Stackry's years of expertise to handle all of these worries
  • Turn on the widget with a click

  • Customize the look and feel of the widget to suit your brand

  • No need to change your operations, your technology or partner with any new carriers

Benefits for your customers

  • International customers already want your products--this allows them to get those products
  • Using Stackry is even better for your customers than offering international shipping yourself
    • International customers are purchasing products from many stores in the US
    • If they had to pay each store to ship its goods around the world it'd cost a fortune
    • Instead, Stackry allows these customers to agregate all of their domestic purchases in one place and consolidate them together into a single shipment
    • This consolidation can save significantly compared to shipping individually
    • Cheaper international shipping means more international shoppers on your site
  • Your customers will then be able to work with Stackry's experts in international logistics to best serve their shipping needs

Stackry's widget on your site opens your store to the world!





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