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18 de septiembre de 2023

I have been unable to get in touch with customer support. The entire loyalty suite seems flawed in major ways. Examples:
Customers can only redeem their points via the launcher (which we don't want to use because it's another interstitial customers have to contend with), or in the checkout (a feature that Shopify is sunsetting next August).

We have a dedicated landing page that we're trying to build, however, there is no logged-in state for a customer, despite the page prompting the customer to login. If a customer is logged in, they should be able to see their points balance and which tier they're on. We are paying for this functionality but not getting it.

With regard to earning points, if you want to set it up so that the customer earns more points when they're a VIP, you have to create two different options for earning points. Unfortunately, in the "how to earn points" grid, both options will show. For example, if your non-VIP earns 1x point per $1 spent and your VIP earns 2x points per $1 spent, both boxes will show next to each other. This is a very confusing situation for a customer.

The emails available for this app are really unattractive and require a heavy lift to update and stylize. Be prepared for that!

Finally, we want to add points balances to the customer accounts, however, this doesn't appear to be an issue. Overall, I'm really disappointed with this app and the lack of support I've been able to get.

The Sola Company
Estados Unidos
4 días usando la aplicación
9 de enero de 2023

I'm paying $279 a month to have Stamped Review integrated with Stamped Loyalty. For this expensive price, the least I would expect is that everything would work without a hitch. It's been a month since my customers can't review their purchases from their Loyalty program to earn points. I've contacted the support team 3 times with photos and videos and I get nothing but automatic emails. Outrageous...

All Yours
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación respondió 10 de febrero de 2023

Hi All Yours team,

We're very sorry to see this has been your experience.

I've reached to personally to see if we can assist you further, though I see you don't have any active support tickets with us at the moment.

Our team has been in contact with you for all your support tickets, though I can appreciate how the wait for a first reply can be frustrating. We can assure you all the replies we've sent have not been from any automatic response trigger, and come from real people like Ashok and Blake who have been helping you out!

We are working hard to improve our Loyalty product and look forward to our continued partnership. Please reply to the email I sent you directly and we can look into ways we can better support you.

20 de marzo de 2023

Been using this for 2 months now and am so unhappy. I've been having so many issues with things not working and customers complaining that they can't use their points as they should. When I contact support they tell me its a global problem and they are working on it...there is no way to talk to an actual person in real time and the email support is completely unhelpful. Looking for a different app.

Monday Morning Press
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación respondió 28 de marzo de 2023

Hi there Monday Morning Press team,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We are sorry to hear that our app has not met your expectations and that you have been experiencing issues recently.

We understand that the problems you have encountered have caused inconvenience for you and your customers; we want to assure you that our team is doing everything we can to fix it as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

We also understand your frustration with the level of support you received. I have reached out to you personally to see if we can arrange a live call to get you back on track.

We appreciate your feedback and assure you that we are taking it into consideration as we work on improving our app and services.

We value our partnership and hope that you will continue to succeed with Stamped.

11 de mayo de 2023

Looks promising in all the videos but DOES NOT DELIVER!

There is next to no support and so many glitches! It cant even calculate customers points properly. What a waste of 3 months of our money and time! Save yourself the headache and do not waste your time or your money. We are paying $479 USD a month for the top level and it doesn't work! What a joke!

The Wholefoods Refillery™
3 meses usando la aplicación respondió 15 de mayo de 2023

Hello Wholefoods Refillery team,

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a frustrating experience with our program. I understand how important it is for you to be able to use our tools without any issues.

We appreciate your feedback and want to assure you that we're here to support you and advocate for your business.

I understand that Tarn, a member of our team, is currently working with you to resolve the technical issues you've been experiencing. We're committed to finding a solution that works for you and ensuring that you can use our program seamlessly.

I'll be reaching out separately to connect with you and ensure you're on the right support plan.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to resolving this with you as quickly as possible.

3 de agosto de 2023

Don’t recommend this app or this company, they charged me multiple times even after uninstalling and cancelling them. Which forced me not to be able to pay my overall bill. I was forced to pay them for a month service I didn’t use and they also charged me for August as well. Thieves

Estados Unidos
Casi 2 años usando la aplicación
2 de septiembre de 2022

I used to LOVE this app when it was the free version... no bugs or issues...then I had to start paying PREMIUM which is a ridiculous amount of money....costing 50% or more of what it costs to run all of Shopify..... since the update I can no longer access customers points on POS if they have more than one reward to use. Customer support is useless as you can only contact thru email and it takes at least a day for someone to get back to you. I will be looking for a new more affordable points system to use.

j.jules fashion
Estados Unidos
Casi 3 años usando la aplicación respondió 23 de septiembre de 2022

Hi Julie,

We're always here for you if you need help, and you are more than welcome to request a callback if you feel speaking to support directly would be easier for you!

The POS issue is a known problem and we are working with Shopify's development team as we need them to help address a known API issue they have to get this fixed. I do apologize for the time it taking them to resolve this.

I see Salem and Allie are in touch from our support team, but I will follow up with you directly to see if there's anything more we can do to empower you with Stamped!

Fecha de modificación: 9 de octubre de 2022

UPDATE 5 months later:
They keep blaming Shopify for an API issue! For 5 months I have had to manually discount customers based on points and then manually redeem those points every week. I spend about an hour every week for the last 5 months doing this. And still, customer support is a joke now! 1 day response time and it's always in the middle of the night. I'm in Los Angeles, they are half way around the world. And their initial response is "Are you still experiencing this issue?"
Stamped is a joke now! I wish I wasn't so fully invested in them! Too big to care anymore!
I’ve had Stamped on my store since starting 3 years ago. The owner himself used to reply to emails. Not anymore, which is fine. Good for you for growing. But now customer service is horrendous!! It takes weeks to get anything fixed. My customers cannot even redeem points in person.

Nordic Catch
Estados Unidos
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación respondió 27 de junio de 2022

Hi Nordic Catch team,

Thanks so much for your many years of use, though I apologize that you have felt our support hasn't met your standards lately. We're expanding our team to ensure our service levels are top notch!

After looking at your open tickets, it appears the issue that led to this review is a difficult one that has already been escalated to our most senior engineers. We've pushed a temporary workaround to your account that should keep things moving while we work on a more permanent solution here.

I've reached out separately as well to make sure you're looked after and to give us a chance to address all your concerns.

15 de junio de 2022

There's too many bugs using this Stamped Loyalty and Referral system. Upon transaction of sale via Shopify POS, customer points are not reflected in the system even after 3 days of transaction. Hope the tech team could solve this issue as the entire redemption and reward system is not bullet proof.

House of AnLi
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación respondió 16 de junio de 2022

Hi there House of AnLi team,

Thank you for your feedback here. The POS aspect of our Loyalty product is currently receiving an "all hands on deck" approach from our product team and we should see positive results very soon!

My apologies that you have been negatively affected by this known issue.

I see several support tickets from you where we are waiting your response to help with some of our troubleshooting. Please work with the Advocates who are trying to assist and they will be able to sort you out!

If there is anything more we can do to change your experience with our wonderful Loyalty product please let me know.

1 de febrero de 2022

Tremendous disappointment. So many issues it's hard to explain all here. Their system doesn't fundamentally work. Their launcher API takes 20+ seconds to load. Customers are unable to redeem rewards. Customer support for these critical issues is basically non-existant.

Estados Unidos
Más de 1 año usando la aplicación respondió 9 de febrero de 2022


Thank you for your review and feedback.

We apologize for the issues you are facing with the rewards widget. Our engineers are currently working on fixing the concerns, and we will get back to you once they have been resolved accordingly.

22 de febrero de 2022

Extremely disappointed. I wasted weeks of my time, and my coder's time and money spent to get this running. So many issues I don't know where to begin. The points program does not work consistently, the referral program is buggy and I received far too many complaints from my customers. Website speed is now dramatically slower because this platform is incredibly buggy and laggy. Their launcher takes way too long to load. Customers are unable to redeem rewards or refer a friend. Customer support for these critical issues is brutal - support takes 4-5 days to respond. We informed technical support 3 times that there were issues, and each time they replied with a 'fix', only to have another issue arise. The final straw for me was when their server crashed rending the whole platform useless, and customer service did not respond for 4 days. This not only was a waste of time and money it also has had a negative effect on my brand and I now have angry customers to deal with. The whole point of this app is to enhance our customer's experience and retention yet it did the complete opposite. Shockingly bad app with shockingly bad customer service.

Schaf Skincare
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación respondió 22 de febrero de 2022

Hello Schaf Skincare,

Thank you for your feedback and review!

We are sorry to hear about the issues you are facing with the loyalty program. It seems that our support team has resolved most of the issues during our previous email conversations, and we will gladly assist with any additional setup that's required.

We have reached out to you in a separate email to resolve any outstanding concerns.