Star Map Poster Editor

Star Map Poster Editor

di Inspon Tech

Star Map Editor for self or outsourced printing

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Unique Designs

Let your customers design their own unique star maps. The right designs for every occasion.

Easy to use Editor

With an easy translatability and a user-friendly design you will convince every visitor in seconds.

Digital or Print

Sell the star map digitally or as a print product. You decide who prints your posters.

Su Star Map Poster Editor

Print on Demand has been known as a lucrative business model, compared to many other dropshipping niches. Our Star Map Editor starts precisely in this profitable niche. Sell unique Star Maps as digital product or poster.

Truly individual and unique Star Maps

Our Star Map Editor lets your customers design their own custom products. This way, your customers can design their own Star Map posters of their favorite moment, choose the colors and shapes, and write their own text on the Star Map.

Customers love personalized products, after all, something self-made is always great.

Our Star Map Editor for selling Star Maps digital or as Posters.

Sell personalized Star Maps as digital product or as poster. You can print the posters anywhere. Download easily the high resolution print file and send it to your Print on Demand partner or print the file yourself or in a print shop in your city. If you sell only the digital file you don’t even need a print solution. With our Star Map Editor you have the possibility to create a profitable long-term business and only you determine your profit margin.

Only few returns and refunds

Because the posters are fully customized, customers are typically more aware that the product is a custom one-off product that can't be returned for a refund, as no other customer would be interested in buying their personalized poster.

As a store owner you don't have to accept a return if the customer request a refund, as long as your terms of service reflects this. The only exception would be that the product was defect. No costly returns and less losses for you.

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3.6 stelle su 5

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Une Étoile

Très belle mise à jour! Merci pour cette personnalisation supplémentaire. L'équipe de développeurs est très présente et réactive par email. Encore merci pour votre aide et votre patience.

Portraits & Co

This needs a lot of work - seems like a rushed app launch. Limited functionality, lots of bugs. The product it creates in your shopify store adds the text "Text editor is loading" and takes a while to kick in for the tools to appear when a customer clicks on the product. Also when we first tested this - nothing was generated when the input fields for the editor was used. I've tried various star-map editors and unfortunately all of them aren't properly developed and charge high monthly subscriptions for very basic functionality. Your better off investing 200$ in a proper star map tool any coder can build for you easily via Google Maps. on a positive note - they provide beautiful mock-ups

Risposta dello sviluppatore

26 ottobre 2020

Dear customer,

first of all you should contact our support to report any errors.
>This morning we have updated our app to support Arabic, Chinese and other special fonts, there may have been some overlaps. Sorry for this :)

We have tested our editor thoroughly to ensure an excellent usability.

The editor has an excellent design and wonderful functions that can be tested in our test store.

Best regards

Advisma App-Team