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Startquestion - Targeted Website Surveys

Startquestion - Targeted Website Surveys

Developed by Startquestion

6 reviews
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  • Collect valuable feedback from your visitors and customers. Learn why visitors are not buying. Determine your customer satisfaction with Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Create targeted surveys depending on what products they're browsing. Understand which marketing channels bring you the most customers.
  • Everything is fully automated. Installation takes 2 minutes. Our Support Team is ready to help you.

Did you ever wanted to ask your visitors questions? Now it's possible with Startquestion.

  • Why aren't visitors adding items to cart?

    We know what's important for you. When visitors browse your page for 3 minutes and haven't added anything to cart, our virtual clerk asks them. You will know.

  • Learn why visitors don't checkout.

    We know how bad missed checkouts are for your business. Our virtual agent asks your visitors why they hesitate to purchase: Is it shipping costs, some additional information missing from the description, or maybe something else? Find out.

  • How did visitors find your page?

    These days, Google Analytics doesn't provide much information about Google keywords. Ask visitors what they typed into Google to find your page. Do people visit thanks to word of mouth? You'll know that

  • We always ask for the visitor's email address so you can close the sale later.

  • All of the questions are created by us but you can always customize the survey after.

  • Will customers recommend your service?

    Satisfaction is important because it means customers will come back and will tell their friends and family about your store. Find out how likely your customers are to recommend your Shopify store using the Net Promoter Score question.

  • Don't let them run away!

    Our app knows when a visitor is about to leave your page. Before they go, ask a last question for their email address so you can maintain contact with your valuable prospects.

  • Visitors have good ideas too.

    Have a Shopify blog turned on? Our app will ask your visitors about blog posts ideas. They know something.

  • A world-class support, always when you are in need.

    You can find help on our blog, in the guide, or in FAQ section. If you prefer to speak with a real person, we are at your disposal via e-mail or chat, whenever you need a support.

  • The highest protection level

    We know that the data you collect cannot fall into wrong hands, which is why we conduct regular security audits. Account access and survey completions are encrypted with the SSL protocol. In case of unforeseen events, we create daily backups.

Startquestion - Targeted Website Surveys reviews

6 reviews
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LOOKS GOOD but it is not free as it says on decription. you have 14 days trial


This app says it's free but it's a 14 day trial and then you have to open a business account. It's a bit misleading..


Fantastic app to get some easy feedback from your customers.

Within a couple of weeks, we had great feedback about where I customers were finding us and can now start to tweak marketing.

Easy to use, set-up, and enable or disable at your whim (customers can get annoyed with too many pop-ups, so we will run for short periods as we need information).

Thanks from The Gift and Gadget Guys (www.giftandgadgetguys.co.nz)


We installed the app and there was an issue with their servers but they responded immediately to me explaining the issue and ensured that the widget was working on our site once the issue was resolved. Timely and professional customer service, thank you Marcin!



Great app once you get all the details right. Just take some time and you will have the best survey tool directly on your website. Customer support is very fast and helpful. Their surveys are really helping us to get the customers need for our bicycles.


Just tested out Startquestion and so far so good. It does seem helpful, especially for beginning store like mine. It's easy to install, easily customizable, it takes just seconds to create look and content of survey exactly to your liking.

Definitely recommend.


Feedback Widget is a part of the Startquestion Platform. Shopify users have access to all features from Business account for FREE.

Contact us for any help - contact@startquestion.com



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