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Developed by Startup Threads

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  • Automatically ship your orders without having to deal with shipping yourself
  • High quality printing of your t-shirts, hoodies, and other merch
  • Use our giveaways or web interface to do send merch and grow your brand

Startup Threads is a turnkey solution for all your promotional apparel needs. We print and store your items in our warehouse and give you the tools to ship them to your top fans and users.

With this Shopify app integration, you'll be able to sell your Startup Threads inventory directly to customers.

How It Works

1. Order items in StartupThreads.com

These items can be printed and stored in our warehouse, ready for shipping.

2. Install the StartupThreads Shopify App

With the app installed, you can pull in your items and inventory from StartupThreads. Set your prices and which items you'd like to sell.

3. Orders get automatically sent to StartupThreads

Whenever someone orders in your shopify store, we will send it to your StartupThreads account. If you have inventory it will be shipped out. Payment for fulfillment and shipping will be deducted from your account balance on StartupThreads.

4. Reload your inventory or account balance when it gets low

To keep orders shipping quickly, make sure to have inventory of items and funds in your account balance.

What It Costs

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For each shipment, you'll have a fulfillment fee (cost for the packaging & collecting your items) along with the shipping fee (cost for the postage on the package). You can see the costs here: https://www.startupthreads.com/pricing

When you print items, you will pay the cost for that set of items. The more you order at a time, the lower the cost per item. You can find an item that fits your needs and budget here: https://www.startupthreads.com/pricing


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