Stellar Wishlist

Stellar Wishlist


Let users favorite items & make wishlists to drive sales

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Drive More Sale

Increase sales and conversion by allowing customers to save their wishlists.

They Keep Coming Back

Drive traffic with personalized emails based on wishlist actions.

Intuitive & Easy to Customized

Highly customizable email template and UI to match your brand and make your site professional.

Stellar Wishlist 정보

Wishlist Stellar users on your store spend more

It lets your customers bookmark, save their favorite items and continue shopping or proceed to checkout when they return. Furthermore, stores with Wishlist Stellar have better Wishlist users' conversion rate and higher revenue per order.

Reasons to choose Wishlist Stellar

  • Easy installation
  • Customize the look and feel to your brand and customizable email templates.
  • Easy migration from other Wishlist apps.
  • Standalone wishlist page and popup.
  • Choose colors for the wishlist pop-up or page.
  • Use the wishlist as a guest user (no login required).
  • Works on tablet & mobile.
  • Fast and responsive customer care
  • Easily share wishlists either through email or through social media like Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Add a variant to wishlist.
  • Add to cart feature integrated for quick checkout

Easy Customization

  • One-click automatic integration to your theme. Seamlessly integrate with your themes. Shopify free, premium and external themes are supported.
  • Control 100% of all your wishlist layout: Wishlist tab, Wishlist popup, Wishlist page, Wishlist emails.
  • Intuitive client and REST APIs to customize or extend your wishlist functionality.
  • Choose colors for the wishlist pop-up or page.

Better Insights and Analytics

  • Intelligence dashboard and reports let you see the wishlist activities on your store to help you see what products your customers love the most.
  • Track products, customers and their activities, with time range filtering.
  • Export wishlist products, customers and activities to CSV format (open using Excel).
  • View Individual shopper’s wishlist.

Drop us a message if you want us to configure the app to match your Shopify store's look and style

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Basic Plan


  • Up to 1000 WL items / month
  • Custom branding
  • Email template
  • Detailed engagement reports
  • Share Wishlist

Standard Plan


  • Up to 5000 WL items / month
  • Custom branding
  • Email template
  • Detailed engagement reports
  • Share Wishlist

Premium Plan


  • Up to 10,000 WL items / month
  • Custom branding
  • Email template
  • Detailed engagement reports
  • Share Wishlist

Business Plan


  • Up to 50,000 WL items / month
  • Custom branding
  • Email template
  • Detailed engagement reports
  • Share Wishlist

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All Would Envy

Great customer service - the team will go above to customize it specially to your needs. App is very professional looking and easy to use. Professional reports to help us understand customer behaviour too.


This app has a great "heart" favorite feature, especially the movement of the heart when clicked, which gives the overall site an engaging interaction with shoppers. Also, the placement of the heart on the menu bar is quite stellar. I had an issue earlier when downloading the app, and the customer service team was quick to respond and fix via chat. I also had another hiccup recently and they answered immediately. Excellent!

Frances. RTW

Great app with an amazing support team! My favorite feature is that it shows the number of 'loves' on each product on the collection page, which will be helpful to increase conversion. Initially, I had an issue with center aligning the wishlist button on the product page (using boundless theme) but the customer support replied fast and and was able to solve my problem quickly. They listened to my suggestions and even went far to meet my needs. Thank you again! Very happy with the app. There's room for improvement but currently it's enough to meet my needs. Definitely recommended! Keep up the good work, team!