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  • Keep your Add to Cart button sticky so your customers always have a clear, impossible-to-miss call to action
  • Give your customers a non-aggressive reminder to add your products to their cart
  • Don't let your long product pages and product descriptions affect your Add to Cart rate

You know how important the Add to Cart button is for your store.

Every single customer has to click it before there's any chance they can buy from you.

The most important button in your store

The Add to Cart button is so important that the best ecommerce companies are constantly testing and optimizing them.

Thousands of A/B split tests are run on Add to Cart buttons every year.

But the difficultly is that the Add to Cart button is just one button.

A small component on the page.

Probably less than 5% of the total page real estate.

Plus it's a component that is easy to miss as your customer scrolls. Especially when you have long product descriptions, large product images, or a lot of product reviews.

Give Add To Cart the prominence it deserves

What if your Add to Cart button was given more visibility and the prominence it deserved?

Then your customers would be more persuaded to click it.

Which leads to more carts, which leads to more checkouts, and more sales.

A less visible Add to Cart button means less customers.

A more visible Add to Cart button means more customers.

Sticky makes your Add to Cart button easy to find

Sticky is an app that makes your Add to Cart button more visible and easy to find.

Instead of forcing your customer to scroll back up and search for the Add to Cart, Sticky puts it right at the bottom of the screen so the Add to Cart button is always shown.

A non-aggressive optimization

Even though it's always visible, it's in a non-aggressive way. Mimicking your existing Add to Cart button design and style, it serves as a gentle reminder.

Not a overt or forceful call to action pounding your customer over the head.

A gentle, "hey there, I'm here if you need me" reminder.

Works even better on mobile

This approach works even better on mobile users where scrolling up can be a major cause of friction.

Sticky's Add to Cart button is designed to be right where their thumb rests so the buy decision requires very little effort.

Conversion best practices baked in

After installing Sticky, it will automatically install itself to every product page.

It's been configured for the optimal conversion rate best practices so you don't have to worry about finding the right combination for dozens of settings risking your conversion rate.

You get the optimal version right away with no tweaking necessary.

Since Sticky mimics your existing theme design automatically, you won't need to fuss with color pickers, HTML, or CSS.

Frequently Asked Questions and Questions that Should be Asked

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: My theme already has an Add to Cart button or cart menu that follows the user as they scroll, do I need Sticky?

No, if your theme already has an Add to Cart button that follows the shopper as they scroll then you don't need Sticky. Some premium Shopify themes come with this feature built-in.

Sticky is designed for those stores who don't have a theme with this feature already.

Q: Why is this a one-time charge?

Unlike other apps, I feel that tools like Sticky don't need to be charging you every month and adding to your ongoing costs.

It's very similar to what would happen if you hired a web designer to build a custom sticky Add to Cart button, but at a fraction of the cost.

Instead of hiring them and paying them $100+/hr for hours of work and hoping that the designer creates something you can use, you can get Sticky for one set price.

Think of it as hiring the app to design and install a theme customization for you.

Q: Why is there no trial? How can I try Sticky out?

Because Sticky is replacing the manual work that a web designer performs, there is no trial period.

If you'd like to see how it works, there are screenshots of it above as well as a demo store here where you can try it out.

Q: Will I get updates?

Yes, updates and fixes for Sticky are included for the lifetime of your Shopify store.

Even if you change themes six months from now and need help, you won't be charged again.

Additional plans with optional features may be added in the future but you'll always have access to the core functionality of Sticky.

Q: Is my theme supported?

Probably yes. Since Sticky mimics your theme's design it should automatically fit in and appear as part of your theme.

For the few themes that don't work out of the box with Sticky, I'd be more than happy to try to add support for your theme. Most of the time only a minor tweak to Sticky is needed.

If a minor tweak is needed, it typically takes a day or so for that. In the meantime, you can have the app turned off and turn it back on once I've added support for your theme.

Q: What if Sticky doesn't work with my theme?

If Sticky and your theme aren't working, contact me using the support button above and I'll be happy to investigate and try to add compatibility with your theme.

If I can't fix it after an investigation and you're purchased within the last 30 days, I'd be happy to refund your purchase.

Q: What do I have to do after installing?

Nothing at all. Sticky will automatically configure itself and start working right away.

Q: Does this only work on mobile browsers?

No, Sticky works with all browsers.

Mobile and desktop are both supported and the design will be scaled depending on the browser size, just like your theme (also called responsive design).

Q: What happens if I need to change my theme later?

Sticky will detect that you changed your theme and will re-install itself into the new theme at no additional cost to you.

Q: Can I turn Sticky off?

Totally. If you want to turn it off for any reason you can click a button in the app and in less than a minute Sticky will be turned off.

Click the button again and you can turn Sticky back on.

Q: How does Sticky affect my store's page speed and load performance?

That's a great question because page speed is very important to Shopify stores.

Sticky has a few optimizations that let it load fast without impacting your store.

  • It's only shown on product pages, so other pages won't be impacted at all.

  • It's code is shrunk down to be as small as possible so it can be downloaded quickly (minimized).

  • It's added to the HTML page so there aren't any additional files that the browser downloads which can cause that delay or stalling you see with other apps. Everything is in place right away.

All of this optimizations combined means that Sticky comes in at under 5KB for everything. 2.7KB at the time I wrote this.

About the same size as a tiny version of your logo. In fact, Shopify logo above is around 2KB and it's been highly optimized.

Q: What if I have a question that wasn't here?

If you have any other question, use that Get Support button above and I'll be happy to answer it for you.

Get started today

In just a few minutes from now you can transform your Add to Cart button so that it's visible to every customer no matter how far down they scroll.

Here's exactly what you'll need to do:

  1. Click the green Get button (or right here) to install Sticky.

  2. Sticky ask you to confirm your Shopify store and the one-time charge. (Don't worry, he'll ask nicely)

  3. Sticky will be installed to your store and theme.

That's it. There's no configuration required to get started. You can be up and running in under two point five minutes.

Eric Davis

P.S. Getting your visitors to add products to their cart is the first step in selling anything online. When that step is optimized you have a much better chance of getting their purchase. Install Sticky and give your customers an easy and non-aggressive call to action.

Sticky reviews

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We installed on 2 websites and worked well straight away. We asked Eric for one little improvement which he did within a day or so. Happy to recommend as it worked without any issues, time or effort.



As usual a great experience with littlestreamsoftware. Hassle-free and quick installation, immediately displayed on my frontend. It's only been a few days, so I can't really tell if it will help conversion-wise, but I am pretty sure it is a great addition - specially since this is a one-time investment. Very recommendable!


I recommend this app to every Shopify store owner. Great, responsive support and a simple one-time fee means that Little Stream Software has the best Shopify apps on the market.

I contacted the developer with a bug and within a day they had fixed the issue that was affecting my store. Everything works perfectly!

When you have a 'sticky' add-to-cart button that follows your customer as they read your product page, you see an increase in items added to the cart and conversions.

Since installing Sticky, I've seen an increase in both the number of items added to cart AND sales on my site. A+ app.


Works great and only comes with a 1x fee. Definitely recommend if you are considering a sticky ATC button.


Installed. Didn't work but instead just scrolled our page back to our original Add to Cart Button. Contacted the developer immediately and never heard back. Kiss your $50 goodbye on this App. Junk.


The app is great since I have a lot of pictures that extend downward. I'm sure it will increase conversions and make things easier for customers!


I had a small problem after installing the Sticky app on my Shopify website. I emailed Eric and he replied back with the problem fixed within 12 hours. Can't get any better customer service that than. App works as advertised and his response turn-around time is superior. I love not paying a monthly fee. The one time $49 charge is affordable and worth the money. Thank you!


This app is just waste of money! He didn't work well with on my store I request the developer for a refund but he declined my request and turned off the app.

Scammers !


Eric went above and beyond to help make sure this app did exactly what we needed. Many of our items require a product variant to be selected by the customer. When I bought sticky it did not have support for product options. I contacted Eric about this requirement and in just a few days that feature had been added. It works very well - especially in mobile where clicking the sticky "make a selection" button scrolls the customer right back up to the option menu.

See it in action here: https://faucetlist.com/collections/bathroom-vanities/products/fresca-opulento-white-modern-double-sink-bathroom-vanity-with-large-mirrored-medicine-cabinet-and-2-faucets

This is game changing and drastically improves our site usability for products with options.

I also want to add that the standard "add to cart" button functionality of sticky works great too. Exactly as advertised, quick to load, immediately increased our add to cart percentage. Give this app a try and I'm sure you won't regret it.


This is an awesome little app!! Especially useful if you have long product descriptions. And it looks really great on mobile phones. It's a great time saver for customers, as the buy button keeps following them as they scroll up or down on the product page. And a greater convenience for customers means better conversion rates :)


Unlike most apps, I only charge you a one-time, up-front fee - exactly as if you were hiring a web designer to implement a sticky Add to Cart button (but at a fraction of the cost)


Want to see what it looks like? Try Sticky out in the demo store.


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