Sticky WhatsApp Inquiry Icon

Sticky WhatsApp Inquiry Icon


Add WhatsApp Inquiry on store in 1 click for Customer Support

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Work with All Theme

Even, It works with any customized themes or existing. One click Install. Work on Mobile and Desktop

Customer Support Increase Sale

Let your visitors communicate with your support via Whatsapp Chat.

Happy customers

Live chat and faster support means happy customers & a boost in sales.

关于 Sticky WhatsApp Inquiry Icon

Sticky WhatsApp Customer Support Icon for Visitor / Customer

Are you looking for a chat button like click to call button? We have solution that allows you to display a Whatsapp button.

Get message from your Shopify store visitors through their WhatsApp to your WhatsApp & let your customers chat with you directly.

Why Sticky WhatsApp Inquiry Icon?

With this app you will see WhatsApp Sticky Icon on your website so when your store Visitor or Customer click on WhatApp Icon they can directly send message to your WhatsApp from your store. This will really help you to increase Sale and provide faster response.



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5.0 评分


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App is very useful and easy to use one more thing a share about this app it was increase may sale more than 37%.

I have installed it, and it worked for me very well. I have seen 20% hike in my orders flow. Great app for whatsapp for ecommerce