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Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs

Price: Custom Free Trial: 21 days More info
  • Publish your listings from other channels like Amazon and eBay onto Shopify.
  • Increase sales with product bundles, new channels and powerful reports for smarter decisions.
  • Quickly integrate and sync your offline & online sales channels, including wholesale, Etsy, eBay, Amazon and Square

Activate Stitch and Shopify to maintain inventory control and increase sales

Stitch is the must have app to manage your business.

Manage all of your orders, inventory, customers, and sales channels in real-time with powerful, actionable reports and key insights. Increase sales, boost productivity, and get organized - more effectively than ever before!

Stitch is the solution for you no matter where you sell.
- Shopify exclusively
- Shopify & online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Etsy
- Shopify & offline (e.g. wholesale, B&M using Square or Vend)

Create a customized all-in-one business management suite.

It's FREE to connect popular add-ons, such as ShipStation, QuickBooks, Xero, and PayPal. Get paid quickly and directly using our PayPal eInvoicing feature. Batch print shipping labels for all major carriers with ShipStation. Breeze through taxes and accounting by integrating Stitch with Xero.

Streamline sales - online and offline - no matter where you sell.

Our simple centralized inventory management system communicates with all the ways you sell (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, wholesale, consignment, and trunk shows using Square, etc.) so that all your sales information is in one place and you can analyze your business in an easy and effective way. Automatically generate invoices, packing slips and line sheets as well as easily track expenses.

What else will you love about Stitch?

There's so much about Stitch our customers love (check out our reviews!). Some of their favorites are:
  • Product bundling: Whether you sell individual products or bundles to increase your volume, Stitch can handle it.
  • Shopify POS integration!
  • Multi-Warehousing: Manage multiple warehouses and multiple stores from one place.
  • Customized Communications: Send purchase orders (POs, invoices, and more) directly from Stitch.
  • Profit and Costing Reports: Choose from more than 30 reports to get the data you need.

    How does Stitch work for multi-channel sellers?

    Stitch keeps all of your sales information in one place. What used to take tons of time and the hassle to log back into Shopify every time you sold something is now fully automated, happens while you are sleeping, and in just a couple of seconds.

    • Imagine you just made a sale on your Shopify store.

    • In minutes, Stitch automatically updates the inventory levels in Shopify and any other sales channels you have specified. Reduce the risk of overselling your products.

    • Seconds later, that sale (including all buyer information, listings, addresses, payments, and more) are automatically built in Stitch.

    • Compare and analyze sales data from this sale and sales across all of your sales channels to make smart business decisions with easy-to-read reports.

    Using ShipStation or Xero, too? After the sale, the sales information from Stitch flows into ShipStation and Xero to make fulfilling your orders easy and your accountant happy.

    Test drive Stitch for FREE. As a savvy Shopify store owner, experience Stitch’s power without limits for 21 days.


    What Shopify Customers Say About Stitch

    ★★★★★ "Stitch has been a huge asset to support Shopify in tracking inventory costs and data." - Apartment Number 9

    ★★★★★ "Stitch has given us insight into our business that has enabled us to enhance our strengths, improve our weaknesses, and focus on growth." - Beardbrand

    ★★★★★ "I started using Stitch Labs in 2011 and it quickly became the center of my business. It was easy to branch out to new sales channels when I was ready, confident in the knowledge that Stitch was managing inventory availability across them." - This Charming Candy

  • Stitch Labs reviews (213)


    Stitch allows us manage inventory from all streams (ecomm, wholesale, in-store, pop up events) and works brilliantly with Shopify.


    We love Stitch! Makes our jobs easier and efficient : 0 )
    And the support team is great.


    So let me preface this by saying that for what they lack in functionality, they completely make up for in service. The team is amazing and may be one of the biggest reasons we decided to stay.


    Easy integration with clients like shopify, amazon, ship station, quickbooks
    Great customer service
    Reasonable price
    Healthy training module selection

    We can't do lot tracking in the system. this is really important for us as food makers and may prove to be a bigger issue down the line but we're able to work around it for now.

    updating inventory can be a bit frustrating, it would be nice to just be able to see all skus, and all warehouses, and do a manual adjustment in the site. As far as I know we have to go sku by sku, or do an upload through excel. I'm not the most tech savvy and for a small company this would make a huge difference for myself and my team. its a little confusing and it took a lot of effort to figure it out the first few times so its not very intuitive or user friendly in that regard.

    there are some bugs they're still working through. We for the second time in almost 2 months have had orders push through to ship station and pull from shopify, but when it comes to creating an order and closing it out automatically in quickbooks, it wasn't happening. So I had to go back multiple times to have this addressed.

    After hours support is a big issue for me. I want to speak to a live person when I'm updating my inventory for the day, and thats often late at night when I have some quiet time (and a martini in hand). So to have to wait til the next day to finish updating or troubleshooting is a little frustrating.

    Overall if you're looking for a turnkey solution, chances are you wont be able to find a one size fits all across the board w/ any of the current offerings for inventory management. But we're happy to work through these issues w/ stitch labs.


    We were on a paper system before Stitch Labs. Needless to say our inventory management is light years ahead of what we came from.




    I sell my stuff in a lot of different places(online and offline) and I was searching for weeks for an inventory solution that fit my budget and my needs. Stitch Labs has been a lifesaver.

    I love love love it.

    1. Keep all my inventory super organized
    2. Syncs with Etsy and Shopify
    3. Easy to use
    4. Master pricing option

    1. It's a bit slow...but that might just be because of all the different products I have
    2. I want more online stores where I can activate automatic sync

    WANT: A feature where my expenses can also be managed using the same platform.


    Stitch is the glue in our business. We take orders through 2 websites and by phone. Stitch keeps everything in one place and simplifies inventory management in one easy to use dashboard. Also great for on the fly revenue reporting, order management and a million other daily tasks.


    Stitch Labs is at the core of how we run our business. Good customer service, great product


    Stitch has been a lifesaver. By integrating it with Shopify and Shopify POs and Square, I am able to stay organized and on top of my individual and wholesale orders. This is a reasonably priced program for a small start-up like myself.


    Stitch Labs has been a great solution for us at Dutch Bros. Coffee. We have been using their system since December 2014 and we are very pleased with the decision. There are a ton of solutions out there, but Stitch Labs really made it possible for us to run a cost effective and relatively stress free multi-channel sales business. It really pairs well with the most simple to use platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, ShipStation and Square. Our team wants to crank the stereo and serve our customers, not spend hours in training and troubleshooting with tech support on a system that makes everyone feel dumb or pissed off. We have been stoked with the prompt support whenever questions or concerns arise.

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