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Stitch Labs Inventory Management

Stitch Labs Inventory Management

Developed by Stitch Labs

304 reviews
Price: From $499.00 / month More info
  • Automatically sync and manage your inventory and orders in real-time
  • Increase sales by easily expanding into new channels, creating product bundles, and gaining deeper insights into your products
  • Quickly connect all your offline and online sales channels and accounting systems, including Amazon, eBay, Square, Lightspeed, and QuickBooks

The #1 Inventory Management App For Shopify Users

Gain Inventory Visibility & Control to Increase Profits & Scale Growth

Stitch Labs helps thousands of retailers seamlessly sync inventory, orders, and data across all  their sales channels and warehouses for more intelligent, profitable, and scalable retail operations.

Omnichannel Inventory Visibility & Control

Accurately track multichannel inventory and reliably forecast demand from a single platform.

Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Easily anticipate stockout dates, set low-stock alerts, and auto-create purchase orders.

Multichannel Revenue Growth

Increase revenue and avoid costly out-of-stocks and overselling with automated stock syncing across all your retail and wholesale channels.

Automated & Scalable Retail Operations

Seamlessly integrate retail and wholesale channels, inventory, purchase orders, and fulfillment for reduced redundancies and improved productivity.

Flexible Order Management

Optimize order and fulfillment routing across all your sales channels and warehouse locations with automated workflows that reduce manual labor and simplify preorders, backorders, and order splitting.

Fulfillment Workflow Automation

Need drop shipping or 3PL integrations? Use the Stitch Labs API to build custom, scalable workflows that will help you quickly meet customer demands and reduce costs.

Real-Time Data & Better Business Intelligence

Unify real-time data to gain deeper insights into product and channel performance, maximize profitability, and drive actionable business decisions.

Extra benefits

With Stitch Labs, retailers can:

  • Accurately Track Multichannel Inventory

  • Reliably Forecast Demand

  • Avoid Out-of-Stocks and Overstocks

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies

  • Drive Greater Profitability

  • Scale Sustainably

We also integrate with Shopify Plus. Click the link to learn more.


Stitch Labs Inventory Management reviews

304 reviews
  1. 5 stars (227 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (33 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (11 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (5 reviews)
  5. 1 star (28 reviews)

This app made it easy to manage the inventory of products of my website furniturestop.co.uk. I recommend this app to all the people who need it.


Update: We've been using lightspeed for over a year and could not carry our business on without it!

The Stitch team is always so helpful to tackle any issues that come up and are always really easy to reach, whether it's by email, chat or phone, they are always so responsive and provide me with a solution to my problems.

We really enjoy the transfer functions from store to store which eliminates any human error when pulling products from each warehouse. We definitely recommend any company that has multiple warehouses to use stitch to integrate all your systems together!

Old Review: With Lightspeed, Stitch, and WooCommerce integrated, I'm able to quickly see at a glance how products are performing. I no longer have to download multiple reports and aggregate them all. I have such better insight into how the business is performing at any given moment in time...From a fulfillment standpoint, our workflow is 10 times better. Everything is automated.

There was a little bit of initial set up for us with this app but Jake and the team at Stitch could not have been more helpful guiding us through the set-up process. We are very impressed with the different sales reports that Stitch can generate. Overall we are very satisfied with their product.


This app is not recommended if you have multiple stores and/or if you are based in the EU. Main reason? The brandnames are not exported from Shopify to Stitchlabs so this will give you major hazard when you need to do stockcounts. Also Euro is not supported.

But the biggest issue is really that Stitchlab isnt reliable when it comes to handeling your stock. We still have issues regarding stock which havent been solved by Stitchlabs. For example I have noticed that for some products that have been sold in one of our stores the stock doesn't follow the sales. Too bad since this app is quite costly and we have tried to figure this out quite a few times with Stitchlabs but it remains a big mistery.

This app is not suitable in the EU since they don't have a support team that is able to provide you with support within EU hours or even on Saturday (which is most likely you most important day of the week in retail).


I have been using Stitchlabs for over 5 years. With each upgrade, their system continues to improve and increase the efficiency of our process. Our business relies on the integration of our applications, and this system is crucial if you are working with Shopify and Quickbooks. It has effectively reduced duplicating steps and is the Master of all of our inventory. If you sell both wholesale and direct to consumer, this is the best application on the market. It generates professional packing lists and invoices for both avenues of business and offers multi-warehousing options for selling across multiple platforms. We could not live without it.


Two Star Review because they refuse phone support to their new customers unless they upgrade their plan. Phone support should be offered if necessary and in special instances, especially if their help support does not answer questions. This company is NOT about customer service. If they had better customer service it would easily be a 5 star program.

Stitch Labs is a huge time saver & error reduction tool for my business. Inventory management used to tax my employees and be ridden with errors. Now we have time to do other important tasks. I also like that Stitch has multiple warehouses and easily syncs with my QBO. Stitch has replaced excel and two other apps for my website!


Update: Some of the problems we had a few weeks ago look to be fixed and Stitch seems to be making it right. Unfortunately, it's a little late and we are switching to something else as I just can't have another week like last week. Stitch could probably be a pretty great app if they get all the random bugs fixed.


The Stitch/SPS solution has been an absolute knockout punch. It brings order to the chaos with effortless automation, closing the gaps between all stakeholder systems.


Stitch has streamlined our inventory management workflow and eliminated the need to maintain tedious and error-prone spreadsheets. The customer service team is very responsive and helpful. We've had minor issues with the platform lagging and the UX has a few quirks, such as redundancies processing transfer orders between warehouses, but the app continues to improve, especially after the latest redesign.


Stitch Labs handles all my sales channels, from Shopify to Amazon and even retail locations. Inventory management is a breeze. Even more-so, order management is a godsend.


A+++++++ We jumped into Selling on Amazon, and we were overwhelmed. We had nearly 50 orders a day, with no way to control out inventory issues. We have been using Shopify for 6 months and were very familiar with it. We had to scan out individual shoes from Shopify to make sure that inventory was not off. So far Stich solved our inventory problems, and even allowed us to have warehousing control. Overall love their product and service. My only bad thing to say is their short telephone customer service hours, but they always respond to any email or text sent to them after hours. A++, if you want to sell at a store front, Amazon and Ebay get Stitch!


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