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Stitch Labs Inventory Management

Stitch Labs Inventory Management

Developed by Stitch Labs

288 reviews
Price: From $499.00 / month More info
  • Automatically sync and manage your inventory and orders in real-time
  • Increase sales by easily expanding into new channels, creating product bundles, and gaining deeper insights into your products
  • Quickly connect all your offline and online sales channels and accounting systems, including Amazon, eBay, Square, Lightspeed, and QuickBooks

The #1 Inventory Management App For Shopify Users

Gain Inventory Visibility & Control to Increase Profits & Scale Growth

Stitch Labs helps thousands of retailers seamlessly sync inventory, orders, and data across all  their sales channels and warehouses for more intelligent, profitable, and scalable retail operations.

Omnichannel Inventory Visibility & Control

Accurately track multichannel inventory and reliably forecast demand from a single platform.

Smarter Purchasing Decisions

Easily anticipate stockout dates, set low-stock alerts, and auto-create purchase orders.

Multichannel Revenue Growth

Increase revenue and avoid costly out-of-stocks and overselling with automated stock syncing across all your retail and wholesale channels.

Automated & Scalable Retail Operations

Seamlessly integrate retail and wholesale channels, inventory, purchase orders, and fulfillment for reduced redundancies and improved productivity.

Flexible Order Management

Optimize order and fulfillment routing across all your sales channels and warehouse locations with automated workflows that reduce manual labor and simplify preorders, backorders, and order splitting.

Fulfillment Workflow Automation

Need drop shipping or 3PL integrations? Use the Stitch Labs API to build custom, scalable workflows that will help you quickly meet customer demands and reduce costs.

Real-Time Data & Better Business Intelligence

Unify real-time data to gain deeper insights into product and channel performance, maximize profitability, and drive actionable business decisions.

Extra benefits

With Stitch Labs, retailers can:

  • Accurately Track Multichannel Inventory

  • Reliably Forecast Demand

  • Avoid Out-of-Stocks and Overstocks

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies

  • Drive Greater Profitability

  • Scale Sustainably

We also integrate with Shopify Plus. Click the link to learn more.


Stitch Labs Inventory Management reviews (288)


Stitch Labs...Is Martin Shkreli your new CEO?

If you are a small business don't even think of using Stitch. I've invested countless frustrating hours and thousands of dollars on this janky software. I was at the point of wiping my account to try to get it to actually work...next thing you know Stitch more than doubles the price.

I should have realized this was coming when my support person told me that I didn't pay enough to be worth staying on a call until my problem was solved. After 2 years of bs, they reduced my plan to "email only" help, Considering the hours I spent with phone support, this is a joke. Even the support team admits there are bugs. Service goes down without notification, emails go unanswered.

Lots of promising features, but turns out they are empty promises.


I've been a supporter of Stitch since 2012.

They just increased my monthly fee 700% . . .

Seems far to expensive for the features. We'll be looking for another solution.

They claim the increase is for increased "integrations." I am a one man operation and I use Shopify. Why do I care about other integrations? Why should I pay for other integrations.

Seems Stitch is going after the big business and leaving the small guys in their wake.

The trouble is I have used this for 5 years to build my business. Stitch stores all my wholesale data . . .

Really seems they should have thought this one through a bit more and how it would affect the smaller businesses that rely on them. I also think Shopify should seriously consider putting restrictions on such drastic price increases.

People begin using an app, build their business . . . and then WHAM - socked with a $2500 increase . . . nuts.


I have been using stitch for my inventory management for the last two years or so. They just emailed this morning to tell me that they are increasing my monthly rate by 110%, and at the same time, reducing the level of support I am able to access. Extremely disappointed with this ridiculous price jump, and will be looking into other solutions ASAP.


Been a customer for 4 years. This morning, they emailed me to let me know that the plan that I signed up for ("always free" was the verbiage on their pricing page when I signed up) will now cost me $199/mo. Given this, plus issues I've had with bundle management, the lack of proper mobile support and a reasonably complicated work flow, I can no longer recommend StitchLabs.

I emailed them about this, and they told me that they'll be "sorry to see me go."

Disingenuous and indifferent.

Currently evaluating several alternatives, including: EmergeApp, Unleashed, ShopSeen, CraftyBase and Skubana.


I would not recommend this inventory management system to anyone. There is no support for international business and no care taken to bugs identified in the system. For all the hype around integration and ease of use, we found that we had to create a lot of work arounds just to try and run our business. This inventory system has actually hindered our growth and we'll be shopping for a better system. Not worth the hundreds of dollars a month. Contacted support several times and were just told they don't care, see you later.


Solid. Really helpful at managing our inventory across multiple Shopify sites and wholesale channels. Integrates with a lot of other apps. The team is quick to respond and very knowledge of retail businesses. Easily worth the $500/mo for a midsize business. http://dishandduer.ca


Excellent app, works great to sync up all of our ecommerce stores. Wish there were more built-in reports or that they were more customizable, but otherwise we are very pleased.


Stitchlabs has been a great help to us in managing our inventory across multiple sales channels. We highly recommend this to any company looking for a centralized inventory management system to handle sales coming from a variety of sources.


Great app! Very easy to use and does exactly what it says it will do.


Expensive app, and LIE ON PRICING 99$ just 3 months.

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