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Stock Chart

Stock Chart

Developed by microapps

Price: $3.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Makes your stock list available for the customer
  • Uses different colors to indicate different quantity range of products in stock
  • Changes color automatically according to a preset quantity of available goods

General features

The purpose of this application is to inform users on the quantity of
product items in stock in comparison with the initial quantity.

For instance, in case when initially there had been 100 units of a product in stock and then this number decreased to 90, the user can see a green color indicator along with a “90%” or "High level of stock" message (the indicator color and captions are on the store owner’s choice).

When there are 40 units of product available, the user will see a yellow color indicator with a “40%” or "Medium level of stock" message.

When there are only 10 units of product available, the user will see a red color indicator with a “10%” or "Low level of stock" message.

Main features

  • Possibility to display a current state of stock through
    three different indicators which depend on the quantity of available product items

  • Possibility to change the color of each indicator

  • Possibility to change the text message correspondent to each indicator

  • Possibility to display the quantity of product items in stock as
    percentage of the initial number accompanied by some textual information

  • Possibility to change the initial number of product items in stock
    for any product being sold

The information is represented in the form of an attractive graphic indicator.

This indicator provides the user with the information on the sales rate for a particular product, its
popularity among the customers, which may serve as a mean of instigation to make a prompt purchase.



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Stock Chart reviews (7)


$3 a month? This app is a no-brainer!


after using several apps that are more expensive I decided to give the cheaper option a try. to my surprise the cheaper option was the more complete and functional of them all.


Great simple app. I worked in sales for 10 years and this app gives you what is referred to in the trade as 'sense of urgency' to buy. Very valuable in this age of cart abandonment.


Good app as it gives "hurry sensation" to the buyer.


Quick and helpful response from customer support for help with technical issue on my end.
They took care of my issue quickly and fixed what I needed fixing.


great app. great customer support.


Excellent App!

Most of the phone & email enquiries to our stores are about stock availability. Having this app makes us a more efficient business, simply by answering the customers question before they ask it.

The response to our enquiries from the developers was also fast, which is always appreciated.

$3.00 / month
7 days

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