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Smart Inventory Management. Barcode scanning and more.

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Scan and Update Quantities

Scan the items you want to count and then update the quantities on Shopify in one fell swoop! Easy and fast, works with all scanners.

Identify Inconsistencies

Compare the items scanned with your full inventory to see what items you list but don't have on hand. Also see what barcodes are wrong.

See Inventory Worth

You can see how much your each batch of scanned items is worth, which helps with accounting.

About StockSavvy

Quick Inventory Counts, Easy Updates.

Scan the barcodes, and when you are done, StockSavvy will give a list of the item quantities to be updated on Shopify. Once you are done reviewing, hit the button, and the quantities will be immediately updated on Shopify! You can do cycle counts to check inventory or receive product in and add to your item quantities.

Manage Inventory For Multiple Locations

Tracking inventory for multiple store locations or warehouses can easily get out of hand. StockSavvy integrates with Shopify's multiple location support (beta), allowing you to update quantities in different locations and also perform transfers between your locations.

Scanned Inventory Worth, Easy Accounting

With the retail prices, you can see the worth of all the items you scanned, and if you put in cost prices, you'll be able to see your profit too. Accounting becomes easier!

Small, Manageable Cycle Counts

The best practice is to minimize or even avoid those yearly or quarterly large, entire inventory counts, as those can get messy and are a big hassle. Instead, scan and count small batches at a time by using tags and vendor filtering, for example, counting one vendor a week and then repeating from the beginning. This keeps your inventory accurate with minimal effort!

Identify Inconsistencies

Often, products might not be entered into the system, or there might be barcode duplicates. By seeing errors as you're scanning you can identify these inconsistencies to keep your product listings accurate. You can also compare the items scanned with your full inventory to see what items you list on Shopify but don't have on hand.

Accurate Record Keeping

With reports generated and saved every time you do a cycle count, you can keep an accurate record.

Compatible with most, if not all, barcode scanners.

Geared toward efficiency, we support dedicated barcode scanners. We actually think all dedicated barcode scanners will work with StockSavvy, but just to cover our bases, we'll just say "most".

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Pricing 14-day free trial

Essential Plan


  • Basic plan to allow scanning and updating items.

Plus Plan


  • Multiple locations

  • Advanced cycle counts support tags, can be customized to scan specific items so that you can easily set unscanned to zero

Giant Count Add-on


  • Add-on allows scanning unlimited items per session. Good for 30 days. Not billed monthly, despite description. Not recurring.

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.5 of 5 stars
Based on 8 reviews

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Most recent reviews

The Flying Owl

StockSavvy...oh how I love thee! You have made inventory so much less painful! I think Shopify should have a better inventory management system and this app picks up and does all the things Shopify SHOULD do. Being able to use a barcode scanner is incredible and accurate, and for the first time ever, I feel like I have a good control over my year-end-inventory system. Also, their customer service is killer. Every time I've gone to them with my stupid questions...they've been very quick and courteous in helping me. Very much worth the cost of the app.

Salt Mercantile

We have a complex inventory system. This App almost filled all of our requirements. I contacted support and they were able to help us to fulfill all our inventory needs. They have the best inventory system out there. The Advanced counts let you do just about whatever you need. Great App!

Wreaths By Mary

Great app and customer service. They were great help in setting us up. Recommend to anyone with a large number of SKUs to inventory.