Stock Take

Stock Take

af BR Data Solutions

Scan barcodes and count inventory with multiple devices

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Take inventory anywhere

Take stock from the Shopify website with a scanner or from the Shopify app with a camera. No barcodes, no problem, do bulk updates manually.

Tally stock quickly

Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time. Choose to do a full inventory or cycle count by vendor, product type, tags, or collection.

Check & update inventory

Check for stockouts and mismatched stock in real-time as you take inventory. Once you're done, apply all your changes to your Shopify store.

Om Stock Take

Stock Take is a Shopify app for counting inventory in your store or warehouse. Take stock in your browser by scanning barcodes with a scanner or in the Shopify mobile app with your Apple or Android device camera. Our multi-device stocktaking feature helps you complete inventory at a blistering pace. You can also update your stock by searching by product name, SKU, barcode, vendor, product type, or tags and manually enter the quantity.

Count everything in your store or filter your inventory and stocktake by Vendor, Product Type, Product Tags, or Collections. Do you have a lot of high-value items you want to cycle count frequently? Choose individual products and do a stock count of the selected products or just start cycle counting the variants you wish to update.

You can check for mismatched inventory, unfulfilled items, items marked ready for in-store pickup / local delivery, and stock-outs as you take stock. Online orders or transfers received during a stocktake are handled correctly without you having to make any manual adjustments. Once your stocktake is complete, apply all inventory count changes to your Shopify store or export your inventory in CSV format.

You can also edit the exported CSV file in Excel and import it back into Stock Take before updating inventory. We send the store owner an email of every stocktake to help with inventory reconciliation. We even provide an option to add product price / cost data to the exported CSV file to do stock valuation. Open the stocktake CSV file in Microsoft Excel or Google sheets and add a formula to find your inventory value.

All inventory data is stored locally on your device and a backup copy is saved to our server. Exit the app and return at any time to resume stocktaking where you left off. No need to worry about Internet outages, or dead batteries, your stock counts are saved until you are ready to upload your inventory changes to Shopify.

1. Stock Take on the Shopify website

The website version of our app can work with a barcode scanner attached to a PC or a Mac. Just set up the wired or wireless scanner in (HID) keyboard mode and you're good to go. Setting up your scanner to send the "Enter" key after each barcode automatically increments the stock count and makes stocktaking even faster.

2. Stock Take on the Shopify POS/Mobile app

No need to install an additional app, use our embedded stocktaking app directly from Shopify Mobile/POS on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. We use your device camera as a barcode scanner. You can walk through your store and tally your inventory right from the Shopify app. Setup your wireless scanner in keyboard mode if you wish to use it to scan barcodes directly to your iPad.

Kan integreres med

  • Admin App,
  • POS App,
  • Excel


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  • Stock taking at one Shopify location
  • 100 product variants per stock take
  • One device per stocktake



  • Stock taking at 2 Shopify locations
  • No limit on product variants
  • Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time



  • Stock taking at 5 Shopify locations
  • No limit on product variants
  • Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time



  • Stock taking at all Shopify locations
  • No limit on product variants
  • Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time

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Seneste anmeldelser

Azurina Singapore

The best inventory app on Shopify by far, and I've tried most of them. The app would be even better if I could use more than one computer to count my inventory. I now need to export my stocktake from my store front and import it to my stock room to complete my inventory. The app would be perfect if this minor annoyance can be fixed.

Udviklerens svar

11. juni 2021

Thank you for your feedback. We've been listening.
Our app now supports multi-device stocktaking. You no longer have to export/import and merge stocktakes from two different devices. Start a stocktake on one device and join in with one, or two, or more devices.
Your counts from each device are displayed independently on the stocktaking screen. Click the "Sync" button to backup your changes to our server and pick up changes from your other devices.
Happy stocktaking!

Ten Green Bottles

Simple to use, does exactly what I need, and the customer service responded quickly to my questions and went out of their way to help.

Bob & Bill

It says in the app that you can start stock-taking again after closing the app. But you will have to start over again. Your scan results are lost. So when your battery runs out.. or the app crashes, or for whatever reason you refresh the page... everything is gone. What a disaster.

Udviklerens svar

23. december 2020

Update: June 4th, 2021

This issue has been fixed now. We added a "Save" button, so you can backup your work to our server and exit the app. If your iPad/iPhone powers down or reboots, your saved stocktakes are displayed, and you may continue from where you last saved.
Thank you.

Original message:
Thanks for installing our stock taking app on Shopify and providing your feedback.
Due to a recent update to the Shopify admin and POS apps on iOS, local storage (where your stock data is stored) on your iPad/iPhone gets cleared if the app is forced to close or the iPad powers down. Note that if you exit the Shopify app or if the iPad sleeps you should still have all your stock take data available.
Unfortunately, there is no way for us to recover the stock data that was lost after the iPad shutdown. We regret any inconvenience this has caused you. This problem occurs on Apple mobile devices, Stock Taking in your Safari/Chrome browser or on Android devices does not have the same issue. We are working on fixing this, we will keep a local copy and a backup on our server to avoid this issue.
Please ensure your iPad is fully charged before your next stocktake. We will put a warning on the top of our app for iPad and iPhone users so merchants are aware of this problem.