Stock Take

Scan barcodes and count inventory with multiple devices

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Take inventory anywhere

Take stock from the Shopify website with a scanner or from the Shopify app with a camera. No barcodes, no problem, do bulk updates manually.

Tally stock quickly

Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time. Choose to do a full inventory count or cycle count by vendor, types, tags, or collections.

Check & update inventory

View real-time stock value, mismatched stock, & stockouts as you take inventory. Once you're done, apply your changes to your Shopify store.

Stock Take 정보

Stock Take is an embedded Shopify app for inventory counting in your store or warehouse. Choose your Shopify location, select products, scan your items, and then have our app adjust any stock errors.

Stocktake on any device

Take inventory in your browser by scanning barcodes with a scanner or directly in the Shopify mobile or POS app with your Apple or Android device camera. Unlike other stocktaking apps, you don't need to install a separate barcode scanning app on your device. If you don't use barcodes, you can search by product name, SKU, barcode, vendor, product type, or tags and manually enter the quantity.

Inventory count with multiple devices

Our multi-device stocktaking feature helps you complete inventory at a blistering pace. Synchronize changes with our server and view stock data from your devices in real-time as you walk through your store or warehouse and count stock.

Count everything or filter your inventory

Count everything in your store or filter your inventory and stocktake by Vendor, Product Type, Product Tags, Collections, or Inventory quantity. Do you have a lot of high-value items you want to cycle count frequently? Choose individual products and do a stock count of the selected products or cycle-count just the variants you wish to update.

Unfulfilled orders, ready for pickup & local delivery

You can check for stock mismatches, unfulfilled items, stock-outs, and items marked "ready for in-store pickup / local delivery" as you scan inventory. Partially fulfilled orders and online orders or transfers received during a stocktake are handled correctly without you having to make any manual adjustments.

Export and import stock data as a CSV file

Once your stocktake is complete, apply all inventory count changes to your Shopify store or export your inventory in CSV format. Optionally, you can edit the exported CSV file in Excel and import it back into our Stock Take app before updating inventory. We send the store owner an email of every stock adjustment to help with inventory reconciliation. You can also use the CSV file to undo your stock changes and restore your old stock counts.

Real-time stock valuation

We calculate and display cost-of-goods and retail value as you count inventory. View your inventory value on-screen or use the price/cost data in the exported CSV file to do your own inventory valuation in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Backup data to our servers

Inventory data is stored locally on your device and a backup copy on our server. Exit the app and return at any time to resume stocktaking where you left off. Never worry about Internet outages or dead batteries. Your stock data is safe until you're ready to update Shopify.


  • Admin App,
  • POS App,
  • Excel,
  • Scanner

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  • Stock taking at one Shopify location
  • 100 product variants per stock take
  • One device per stocktake



  • Stock taking at 2 Shopify locations
  • No limit on product variants
  • Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time



  • Stock taking at 5 Shopify locations
  • No limit on product variants
  • Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time



  • Stock taking at all Shopify locations
  • No limit on product variants
  • Stocktake with multiple devices at the same time

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    평가의 20%는 별점 1 입니다.

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The Gatorbug

I was really hoping this app would be the answer. I love how it compared current stock take and showed in unmatched when it didn't match. However, it never completely worked and updated my stock in Shopify, which makes it completely useless. It would glitch out, every month one of our stores would completely delete halfway through the count.

개발자 회신

2021년 12월 5일

Thank you for subscribing to our app and providing feedback.
We had a bug with our app that marked some stocktakes as cancelled if there were network problems during your inventory count. We have fixed this bug now.
Please let us know if you face any other issues during your stocktake. We would love to work with you until you are completely satisfied.
Stock Take Support


Great app! Customer support is immediate and helpful. Best part is you can use it on multiple devices at the same time right from Shopify POS.

Charlie & Chums

I found it great once it worked correctly, but it also brought in Draft and archived products which were not relevant to the stock take.
Otherwise it was really great to be able to get a real time listing of stocktake

개발자 회신

2021년 8월 8일

Dear Charlie & Chums,
Thank you for subscribing to our app and providing your valuable feedback.
Effective January 11th, 2021, we do not display products that are in "Draft" or "Archived" status. Only "Active" Shopify products are fetched and displayed during a stocktake. Please email us if there are specific draft/archived products visible in a stocktake and we will investigate.
Thank you.