Synchronise and optimise your warehouses, operations and POS

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Retail Specific ERP

Manage, optimise and automate all your retail operations, from purchases to warehouse management, B2B sales and multiple online channels.

Online/Offline Sinchronisation

Synchronise your online e-commerce with your offline stores and warehouses in realtime, saving time and avoiding errors.

All sites in one place

Manage different web stores, marketplaces and other channels at once, centralising all information in only one place.

StockAgile 정보

StockAgile is a specific management program for stores that allow you to manage your business, ecommerce, marketplaces, your brand and all your operations on a single platform.

Product management

Centrally manage the information of all your products throughout all your sales channels. Analyze its entire life cycle to make decisions that make your business grow.

Presales management

Serve your customers in your showroom or sample book, making pre-sales, delivering catalogs and order details. It uses all this information to automatically generate the supplier orders.

Purchase management

The StockAgile purchasing management program allows you to visualize all the necessary data to make agile and adequate decisions to grow your brand. View the status of your purchases, sales cycles, payment status, etc.

Inventory management for warehouses and stores

Gain greater control and visibility of your inventory across all your sales channels and locations. Make fast and effective business decisions. Manage your stocks with precision, always knowing where your products are, avoiding stockouts and controlling costs.

Create labels

StockAgile's label creator allows you to create your product labels in a fast, very simplified way and with a custom design.

Manufacturing, production and raw material order management

Simplify, centralize and optimize your product manufacturing operations with StockAgile's modern brand manufacturing management software.

Wholesale management and B2B e-commerce

Take control of all your sales orders, track them, make full or partial shipments, generate delivery notes, order catalogs, optimize the entire sales cycle, control who has paid you, what they owe you, and in general, enjoy the process . Offer your customers a perfect, agile and comfortable shopping experience, without having to leave your business.

Store and point of sale management

Manage all the operations of your physical stores from the point of sale program. Create sales, returns, gift cards, vouchers, promotions, store goals, etc. Put a camera above the door of your store to count how many people have entered in real time.

Management of multiple ecommerce and marketplaces

StockAgile synchronizes the online world with the offline world, connecting the stocks, catalog and orders of your physical stores and warehouses with your online stores and marketplaces in real time.


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