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8 septembre 2022

I would like to use this app but I need to share my card details with google and If somehow someone does more than 10,000 searches on it google will charge me a hefty amount.

World Of Stones USA
Environ 3 heures d’utilisation de l’application
Stockist a répondu 8 septembre 2022

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I'm so sorry that Stockist didn't meet your expectations.

It's definitely possible to set things up without paying anything beyond the standard subscription cost, and I apologize if this wasn't clear.

Like most map apps on Shopify, Stockist asks you to create a map key for your website with Google Maps (or a similar service called Mapbox). This key is what powers the worldwide map imagery behind the store pins on your site.

For most sites using our app, there’s no extra cost. Both Google and Mapbox offer generous free usage tiers when you set up a key: enough for ~10,000 views of your map every single month. 99% of our clients use less than this, and so don’t pay anything except for the regular Stockist subscription.

Additionally, it's possible to set limits on your Google Maps key to ensure your site never exceeds Google's free tier. We have the steps for this in our support section under “Setting up quotas to limit Google Maps usage”, and I’d be happy to help with this if you'd like assistance.

Ultimately, this arrangement is designed to save you money: since you can take advantage of the free map imagery that Google and Mapbox offer each individual website, we don't need to bundle this as an extra shared cost in our pricing. Most folks we've asked have said they prefer this arrangement, but if that’s not the case for you, please let us know and we’ll definitely keep it in mind.

If there's anything else we can assist with, please feel free to get in touch at and we'd be more than happy to help!