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Use your mobile device to scan barcodes and count inventory.

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Barcode Scanning

This app will turn your phone or table into a barcode scanner.

Mobile Device

This app works on phones or tablets for both Android and iOS.

Inventory Counts

This app makes inventory counting fast and easy.

StockTaker 정보

This app turns your phone or tablet into a barcode scanner to make inventory counts fast and easy.

Great for cycle counts or full inventory counts.

How to:

  • Download StockTaker mobile app from the iOS and Google app stores.
  • Install StockTaker on your Shopify store, this will generate a QR code.
  • Scan this QR code sign into your StockTaker account.
  • Select your inventory location for the stock count.
  • Scan barcodes using the camera on your mobile device.
  • Once your'e done scanning, decide if you want to Add, Subtract or Overwrite.
  • Also decide if you want to include all related variants in the count.
  • Press OK to update you inventory on Shopify.
  • After completing, you'll be emailed a CSV report of all the changes made.


  • Android,
  • iOS

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North Shore Radiators

We used this app to help us take stock at multiple locations. It was easy to use although the access to older iphone cameras to do the scanning did not always work that well.

Dream Catcher Fireworks

This app has been exactly what we needed! works offline at our warehouse, then syncronizes when we ask it to, minor issues with the QR code, but contacted customer service and they resolved it the same day!

Just Shear

Love this app. So easy to stocktake our products and also scan out for wholesale orders over the phone. Simple but great.