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14 novembre 2020

I was happy to find Stocky for inventory management. However, I was upset as I was told I can only continue to use it if I upgrade to PRO and have to pay $89/month additionally. Since I didn't upgrade, all my previous purchase records cannot be retrieved. That was really disappointing.

百寶袋王 Bagtory HK
R.A.S. chinoise de Hong Kong
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Shopify a répondu 8 décembre 2020

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Stocky. I can understand how these changes can affect ones store, but we believe this is a change that will help grow Stocky and allow us to channel more resources to its future growth and potential. I intend to follow up with you via email to discuss this further, as well as to get any other pieces of feedback you would be willing to share with us. Regards, James

25 septembre 2020

Stocky is brilliant in so many ways, but DO NOT download this app until they have the support team in place to be able to troubleshoot properly. Since Shopify bought this app from the original developer support is appalling. I am SO frustrated. The only reason I moved to Shopify POS Pro was to make sure our stock levels could be kept accurate, but on our first ever full stocktake, which took 14 hours, we ran into an issue when we tried to process it with barcode stocktakes not calculating adjustments. I have been through 4 different support tickets since the 16th September, with no more updates, no more help and no resolution. Our stock levels are wrong, customers are ordering what we don't have, what we do have is marked as OOS - it's a shambles. We can't even run a new stocktake to put things right until the error is solved. Keeping accurate inventory is the 101 of running a store, and is Stocky's whole purpose. If it can't even do that it's pointless. I've loved Shopify - all my web queries have always been solved quickly, but Shopify... don't expand to Bricks & Mortar POS unless you have the expertise to back it up. So wish I could talk to the original developer.

My Small World Toy Store
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
28 mai 2020

This app only tracks inventory available for sale. It does not also provide a count of stock physically on hand. This means that if you have, for example, 5 t-shirts on the shelf, and someone orders 1, the stock count will now show as 4. However, seeing as you haven't fulfilled this order yet, you still have 5 shirts on the shelf, and your stock on hand count should be 5, while the stock available is 4. if you go and do a stocktake under these circumstances, you will count that you have 5 shirts, while Stocky says you should only have four. If you "correct" this discrepancy, you are now actually making your stock count incorrect. While this isn't a huge deal with only one product, if you have many SKUs, and a large order volume, it is essentially impossible to do a stocktake correctly. Until Stocky creates the ability to track both stock available as well as stock on hand (something that Tradegecko does while integrated with my Shopify store with no problem), Stocky is basically useless.

Environ 2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Shopify a répondu 20 juillet 2020

Amy here from Shopify Retail Support. Thank you for your feedback. I know stocktakes are a critical part of inventory management and I am sorry to hear that you found the process frustrating.

I did some investigating on this issue and I found a solution. In the Stocky app under Preferences > Stocktakes there is a check box to show unfulfilled quantities on the stocktake. This will ensure that ordered items that are unfulfilled and still on the shelf are included in the total count. I will be reaching out to you directly by email as well in case you have any further questions or feedback.

Amy T. | Retail Support Specialist

9 septembre 2021

I do not recommend this application at all! It has a very long way to go before it will be an efficient inventory management application. You have to upload your products into shopify but the costs don't sync. You have to manually do that so none of your reporting is accurate, and you can only do this step once a day. It is not user friendly like the video above presents. You have to toggle back and forth between stocky and shopify to make it work. The shopify retail support told me to just enter my costs and other details into both stocky and shopify dashboard. What is the point of having this application if I have to do that? Barcodes are not made in this application, you have to go to the shopify dashboard and search out the items and then tell it to create the barcodes. Not effective at all.

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29 janvier 2024

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