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15 de janeiro de 2020

Can someone tell me what is going on? I can not access my Stocky App via shopify. This is the error message i am getting.
..........."Shopify plan upgrade required
Stocky is only available for specific Shopify plans. To download Stocky for free, upgrade your plan to Shopify or Advanced Shopify. "..........

Is it no longer supported? I am still being billed

Crank & Stroker Supply Co.
Estados Unidos
Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: 3 months
Questão respondida por Shopify 17 de janeiro de 2020

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to review Stocky - we appreciate your feedback. I have taken a look at this and it seems that Stocky is now working on your account if you would like to retry accessing it. Stocky is no longer available on the Basic plan unless it was installed prior to October 31st 2019 and the store & app are in continuous use from that time - the app is included in all plans above the Basic plan for free. I have more details specific to what happened in this case which I will share with you via email. Thank you - Beckha

Editado a 18 de fevereiro de 2021

UPDATE: FEB 2021: I had to update this review to reflect the fact that I tried another inventory and sticker printing app, and while it was alright, it just wasn't the same as the original Stocky. So, I ended up coming back and trying Stocky again. I'm happy to report that it seems improvements have been made to the way in which the app functions but also to the information provided with the app. I still run into problems getting the app to recognize my Dymo printer from time to time. If that gets resolved I'll be back at a five star review. Just wanted to be fair and let anyone who reads this know that things have gotten better.
UPDATE: DEC 2019: I am incredibly disappointed. See, the developer of this app is amazing. Unfortunately, when Shopify bought this app from him, my love for the app quickly went south. For the last month the app has shown a notice that it is syncing. It has not allowed us to update photos, and printing barcode labels has become a serious problem. I uninstalled the app thinking that perhaps that might help - and thinking that the date would all remain in the system as the notice at the uninstall said info would stay for 48 hours. However, when I reinstalled the app just a few minutes later my purchase orders, Dymo label template, and suppliers were all GONE. NOT HAPPY. I love Shopify, but the response I've gotten to requests for help have been underwhelming to say the least. I would just caution anyone thinking about installing this app. The original app and its developer were stellar. Not so now. DEC 2018: Seldom do you find an app that is TRULY helpful with a developer who is awesomely responsive, and also TRULY helpful! This app is all of that! It's very reasonably priced, and it makes developing purchase orders, printing bar code stickers, and doing stock takes so easy. THANK YOU To Seb, the developer. Great product, and GREAT support!

Cheers To Ewe!
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Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: Almost 3 years
Questão respondida por Shopify 15 de janeiro de 2020

Hi there - I'm very sorry to hear of the poor experience that you have had hear & would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process. When Stocky is removed from an account, any transient data such as PO's etc. is removed and needs to be re-added manually - I understand that this was your experience and I hear you on that. Your feedback is very valuable to us & I will be reaching out to you via email so that I can fully capture that feedback before sharing it with our developers and to see if there is anything else that we can do that may get Stocky back to being a valuable addition to your business. Thank you & I will be in touch - Beckha

5 de abril de 2017

worth having and worth the money for sure. it's just a little hard to undertand how all the featurs works.

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Tempo passado a usar a aplicação: Over 4 years