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Redigerat 23 augusti 2015

I don't normally write reviews unless something is beyond expectation or absolutely horrible. In this case, Stocky and the team of people that has brought Stocky to Shopify has absolutely blown me away.

Seb from Stocky has been amazingly quick to answer any questions that I have. On more than one occasion, he has added features to suit our company's needs. They take customer service and product feature delivery to the next level.

Stocky has raised the bar for PO and Inventory Management.

Thanks Stocky!

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13 augusti 2015

Great app! It syncs well with Shopify and keeps everything up to date. We do not use the forecasting option, but rather put in our own manual "low inventory" levels. We do this so we can set our own levels and accommodate for seasonal items or make sure we have more in stock for the holiday season. It was very hard to find an app that would allow us to do this option manually, and not just use the automated forecasting. Let me give a quick explanation on how to do it with Stocky, because it took a lot of experimenting and communication with Seb for us to get it figured out.

Go into Vendor, Settings, Adjust P.O. Limits. Then we adjusted the "Max Level" on a certain product to 3 for example. What this does, is any time the quantity of that variant drops below 3, it will put it on the P.O. for that vendor automatically. What you have to do next is create a P.O. and choose the option to leave it blank and not use the suggested forecasting. Once your blank P.O. is created, simply choose "fill shelves" under forecast type and then click regenerate. It not places all of your low stock items on the P.O. for ordering.

This saves us a bunch of time counting inventory and deciding what to reorder. I personally think this should be included in the structure of Shopify for all customers, but I am just happy that we found an app to make it work. Hope this helps.

Every Photo Store
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17 juli 2015

We've been using Stocky for a few months now, and we've been extremely pleased. :D

As a startup retailer, we have so many vendors and products- it gets extremely hard for us to manage. Stocky has helped us save so much time with everything from placing purchase orders, tracking low stock items, deciding what items to put on sale... etc.

We are so happy with Stocky! Keep up the great work guys!

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14 juli 2015

A great inventory app with super-responsive support.
- simple design
- great price for a powerful app
- easy to make a po and sync inventory
- very responsive customer service
- always adding great new features

Made Nashville
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 15 dagar
2 juli 2015

The best business app, we have used in the market place. The support team our absolutely excellent and considering we have our own in house we development team, the interface ease of use is immense. It is a joy to use and gives us everything we need to know about our stock levels, future purchasing, revenue and end of year projections. Excellent!

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Redigerat 21 maj 2015

Probably the most useful app I have used so far + fantastic support.
Here is why:
- very user friendly and simple
- generate a PO in no time
- receive and sync is amazing! so much time saved
- pricing is very affordable

The Detox Market
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21 maj 2015

We love Stocky! Being able to control all our purchase orders has made a huge difference for us. Our favourite is "receive and sync with Shopify" - saves us a lot of time! ...and the support is first class :)

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 9 månader
8 maj 2015

This app is fantastic! It fills the gaps that are left open by Shopify. There are a few things missing and a few bugs to be worked out, but that's where the fantastic Seb comes in. He is wonderful about getting back to us in a very timely manner and addressing our needs. His wonderful customer service is one of the best things about this app!

Gypsy Wools
Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 7 månader
7 januari 2015

Stocky is exactly what we have been missing in Shopify. The suggested orders are almost always spot on which helps us plan our orders. But the best thing is the Purchase Order system. It gives us the control and overview we need. And the most time-saving feature is that when receiving an order it syncs the inventory in Shopify - AWESOME!
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