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Inventory Management for Shopify POS Pro

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Increase profitability

Improve sales and have better visibility into what products you should order when based on product performance and seasonality.

Reduce inventory loss

Track what you’ve received and what’s leaving your store. Know when stock runs low so you can create purchase orders or transfer items.

Save time, reduce errors

Eliminate the need to manage spreadsheets or multiple systems. Use one tool to track your products across all your locations.

À propos de Stocky

Effective inventory management is a strategic advantage to your brick and mortar retail business. Selling out of in-demand products can be harmful to your sales—but keeping too much inventory on hand can drain your resources.

Leverage Stocky by Shopify to optimize your inventory decisions. Spend less time worrying about what products to purchase and more time maximizing your profits with the best product mix for your business.

Key Features:

Purchase orders: Create and manage purchase orders from one place. Communicate more effectively with your suppliers and vendors, and have a clear view of what’s coming in and when.

Demand forecasting: Receive recommendations on your products based on your rate of sales. Know which products are the most profitable and which you should re-order when.

Receiving: Give staff full visibility across all your locations and warehouses. When stock comes in, your staff can use a barcode scanner to quickly and accurately receive and place inventory.

Stock transfers: Replenish stock quickly to meet customer demand. Transfer products from one location to another in Shopify POS or in your Shopify admin.

Stocktakes and adjustments: Enable your staff to conduct regular stocktakes by easily counting or scanning stock on hand.

Analytics and insights: Use in-depth reporting to make good inventory decisions. Access analytics such as low stock and best seller reports, stock on hand, ABC analysis, SKU/variant reports, and more.

Integrations: Integrated with Shopify POS Pro

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3.3 de 5 étoiles

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At this time the app is not usable as an ERP app!
Want to know why?

Here are only some of many important functions missing:

1) Want to import a purchase order via CSV - NO! The function is there but it can only import the qty by SKU (which is the shopify SKU), barcode code or shopify ID. It can NOT import the purchase order by the "supplier SKU" - that's a 100% no go!

2. There is 0,0% automatization in this app. For example you want a purchase order to be created automatically for example if five products have reached a certain low stock number an the order total amount is over 2.000 USD - no way. There is 0.0% automatisation here - you have to create all order by hand. Thats maybe ok for the year 2000 - in 2020 this is not a discussion!

3. Want to send the purchase order Emails cc) to make shure they went out to the partner? No way here - with this app it is just not possible.

4. Want to have pictures in the purchase order PDF - great! there is an option for this but it does not work so the final PDF includes a blank row "pictures".


It hink i could go on here for another 100 points --- and theses are basics and not fancy stuff points!

Réponse du développeur

4 août 2020

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for Stocky. We appreciate your feedback and have sent it onto the app development team for consideration. I'm going to be following up with you via email with steps on how to get your product images to pull into your purchase orders as well as to get any other pieces of feedback you would be willing to share with us. Regards, Lou

Nature Niche

Needs to be able to syc product cost. Can't send a purchase order without a cost. Also, would be nice to be able to see inventory by suppliers, not just vendors.


The very fact that Stocky doesn't import cost prices renders it useless. I've given two stars as the rest of it looks ok.