Stofind: Inventory Information

Stofind: Inventory Information

door Stofind

Display Stock Availability & Opening Hours for Multi Location.

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Display stock availability

Display your stock availability per location with In stock, Low stock, Out of stock text, or with more detail such as the quantity of stock

Provide stores reachable more

Provide your customers be able to reach you by displaying the things that belong to your physical stores such as locations and phone numbers

Let know when you are open

Let your customers know when you are open by creating working days and hours for your physical stores and by showing on your Shopify store

Over Stofind: Inventory Information

Why do you need Stofind?

Do you have multiple physical stores or multiple locations on Shopify and want to display your inventory information such as stock availability, locations, phone numbers, or want to display the business opening hours of your locations to your customers? If your answer is yes, Stofind completely is for you.

You can easily display your inventory information per location to your customers with Stofind. It is enough to install the app on your Shopify store.

After installed Stofind on your online store, it automatically will be integrated with your theme. Then after that, you can display your inventory information and the opening hours on your online store by adding your physical stores to the stores' section on Stofind app.

Stock Availability (Displaying your inventory per location)

This allows showing the stock information of your products on your Shopify store per location to your customers. This feature has two kinds of showing:

  • In-stock / Low stock / Out of stock with only text
  • And with more detailed such as the quantity of stock (e.g: 7 in stock)

Trading Hours

This feature provides to create working days and hours for your every single physical store and presents on your Shopify store to your customers.

Changing General Settings

The things you can change:

  • Hiding option out of stock stores
  • Types of stock availability only text or with quantity
  • Low stock threshold
  • Location search area on the modal
  • The settings of displaying location information

Appearance Customization

You can customize the appearance of the 'Find in Store' button and the modal without you have coding knowledge. The things you can customize:

  • Modal style - popup/slide sidebar (the default is the slide sidebar)
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Spacing

Full Customization

We also put a custom CSS section to the settings on Stofind that you will able to completely change the appearance of Stofind as what you want if you have CSS knowledge.

Changing Content

There is a content setting section on the settings for you will able to change all of the texts.

24/7 Access to Support

If you will have trouble with Stofind, we always are available to help you 24/7. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


If the demo store asks you for a password. Please enter "1".

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Perfect service. ¡They answer my questions in less than 24h! The perfect app to display the local stock of shops


I used this app to display location-based inventory for my customers. Before I had customers coming into one location looking for a product that was only available in another location. This app solved a big problem for me! The customer service was fast, helpful, and helped me solve a compatibility issue with my current theme.

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16 februari 2021

What a great feeling to read such an excellent review 🥰 To be able to solve your problem is the most valuable something for us in this world. Thank you so much! 🙏🏻