StoreBundle | 7 Vital Apps

StoreBundle | 7 Vital Apps


Conversions & Geolocation Geo IP Redirect, Block Countries


Boost Your Store

With six essential tools Capture More Leads, Engage More Customers and Convert More Customers

Reduce Cart Abandonment

Use elegant banners, pop ups and welcome mats to make more conversions. Create urgency by displaying sold count and cart countdown timer

Unique Shopping Experience

Delight your customers with an engaging experience

有關 StoreBundle | 7 Vital Apps

About StoreBundle

StoreBundle provides tools that bring sales and engage customers.

StoreBundle is carefully built to help merchants use elegant banners, pop-ups or welcome mats to make store-wide announcements, give discounts or capture leads. Merchants can also create urgency by displaying Product Sold Count, Product Visitors Count and Cart Countdown Timers.

  • Capture emails with elegant banners, pop-ups or welcome mats
  • Make storewide announcements for special occasions or flash sales
  • Create urgency with Cart Countdown Timer, Sold Count, and Visitors Count

Why StoreBundle?

  • Boost conversions by engaging visitors
  • Increase sales by creating urgency
  • Reduce App fees by using StoreBundle to replace several other apps
  • Improve Store Speed; with StoreBundle you have access to several tools without sacrificing your store speed

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