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15. mai 2022

i love this app it excattly what i was looking for thank well worth the money ill have this aoo for a long time

MOTO CAR accessories
Tid brukt i appen: 16 dager
Mason svarte 17. mai 2022

Hey team, we're so thrilled to hear that. Really appreciate your encouraging feedback!

27. mars 2022

Good app, but I think the sold out badges shouldn't count to your overall badge use. Badges should be counted that will help you make more sales. Sold out badges just make life easier for customers.

Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 1 år
Mason svarte 29. mars 2022

Thank you for the review team! As you rightly mentioned, ModeMagic impacts conversions - in fact, without Sold Out highlighted we have seen 50% loss in orders in any online store. Any kind of stock updates are meant to boost the shopper’s trust, so they don’t end up trying to buy unavailable products.
- Team ModeMagic

3. mars 2022

The customer service is prompt and helpful, but we do hope we are able to change the custom badge designs whenever we need to.

DearBaby Singapore
Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 19 timer
Mason svarte 4. mars 2022

Thank you team, we're glad you liked our prompt support. The free plan is there for you to try out the app & see the impact - you can edit or create more custom badges on upgrading. Please give it a try!

Do you want to see how? Please ping me on or ping us from the in-App Help Chat so that we can show you.

- Tanay
Customer Experience at ModeMagic

1. februar 2022

The app is useful and effective. It's a pity that there are not more features in the free mode (2 or 3 custom badges). How can I have several badges at the same time on a product? Example: a dish that is Indian and at the same time vegan, I would need 2 stickers at the same time.

Kaly Food Lab
Tid brukt i appen: 10 måneder
Mason svarte 1. februar 2022

Hi Team, we're glad you find our App useful and effective. We can have multi-badges on a product, we are reaching out to you to help with it. You can also write to me on or Ping us from the in-App Chat and we will assist you.
- Tanay
Customer Success Head, ModeMagic

13. desember 2021

I used the app to place new stickers and create how to pics. And for my skincare business this works perfectly! I don’t always like the automatic label updates so I have to go in and change some but other than that the app is amazing.

Gleaux Fresh Skin & Beaute
Tid brukt i appen: 5 måneder
Mason svarte 20. desember 2021

Thank you team for your feedback. We would love to hear more from you on how we can improve your experience, please drop us a line on and we will definitely work on it.

- Team ModeMagic

Redigert 21. november 2021

We removed this app but badge didnt remove on all. Contact the team and Mode magic team got on a call and help me resolve the issue. The team was very helpful and explained to me all features in the app. I re-installed the app and will be using it . It has great features. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help.

Saffy Jewels
Tid brukt i appen: 3 måneder
Mason svarte 20. november 2021

Dear Safia,
Sincere apologies for the stress you felt. We had already responded to your email but unfortunately looks like you missed it :( Is there a better email ID to reach you at?

Badges can be removed very easily using the "Undo Badges" tab in the app and the step by step flow is shared with you.

There could be cases where you may face issues if you have used an image optimizer app - but we can always help you out with removing them in case you face any issues. We're a quick phone call away.

I and my team are here to help in case you face any challenges. We've dropped an email back as well as here on standby in case you face any challenges.

Here to help
-Kay & Team

Redigert 25. oktober 2021

It's super easy to use. Great interface. I wish they had a lower cost monthly fee tier for these stickers as I'd like to use more than the free ones but my store isn't generating enough orders to warrant doubling the cost of my store.

Makers Outlet
Tid brukt i appen: 4 dager
Mason svarte 1. november 2021

Thank you so much for your wonderful review dear team, and hope you have checked out the new BFCM updates!

30. september 2021

Pretty easy to use. I thought the free plan had unlimited use of free stickers, but it’s asking me to upgrade to add another even after I removed one from another product.

The Maven Couture
Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 2 måneder
29. september 2021

These badges save a lot of time and are easy to apply. The feature allowing you to create your badge is a plus.

Tid brukt i appen: Over 1 år
16. september 2021

Good product and great to work with - Thank you guys great selection of icons and really easy to use. Thank you.

New Zealand
Tid brukt i appen: Rundt 1 år
Mason svarte 17. september 2021

Dear Team Butcher Box,

Thank you so much for the kind words 😄
I'm glad you liked the badge collection !!

Sending lots of love and product stickers your way

Team ModeMagic