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Redigert 9. oktober 2020

Overall the app does what it is supposed to do. One thing to mention is when creating a badge and testing how it appears (size mainly) it "costs" you a credit if you'd like to make a change. Also, any change to a badge cost a full credit, I feel a .5 credit is more justifiable... or a free change if the change is made within a set amount of time. Otherwise working on getting your products in perfect view/sizing gets costly. Also, I've lost the connection to my store a few times where the app doesn't register products with badges and there is no way to make a change to the existing badge without re-uploading the photo and starting all over.

Suffer Fools
12 måneder bruker appen
Mason svarte 9. oktober 2020

Hi Suffer Fools, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us. The preview feature was meant to help with checking for the size/look of your stickers but it's completely understandable that you'd want to see the overall effect on your store page as well. Point noted & we'll definitely check on how this can be added as a feature to the app.
Also, sometimes when the order of your media changes on the product page in Shopify, the images don't load in-app since ModeMagic picks up only the featured product image. We'd love to connect with you for this. You can ping us anytime via the in-app chat or reach out to me directly at and I assure you, we'll definitely help you revert any stickers you no longer need :)

25. november 2020

I used the app to help me add cool labels to products. Pretty easy to use and helpful. I think that this app is pretty solid.

12 dager bruker appen
Mason svarte 26. november 2020

Thanks for your review, Team Bet on Freedom. Looks like something was amiss on our app due to which you left us a 3-star review :(

Is there something we could do to make your experience a 5-star one?

9. august 2021

I found it a bit clunky and awkward to use. The developers responded to an enquiry quickly enough.
In the end, it was easier for us to manually add badges to our selected photos than use this app.
This app is not terrible but I would not call it good.
I certainly do not think it is worth the money they want to charge for ever and ever and ever

Dotmall Barbecues and Heaters
1 dag bruker appen
Mason svarte 10. august 2021

Hi Reindert,

Really sorry to hear that you are facing issues using the app.

We’re always listening to feedback from customers and working on making your app experience smooth and easy.

Do share any specific areas where you are facing issues, and we will be sure to fix them - to get you that awesome experience you are looking for.

I’m here any time you need any help on chat or email.

Redigert 24. november 2020

Great customer support, quick to reply, functional app and does as it promises. Highly recommend to anyone:) I used it for the sale stickers on my website.

29 minutter bruker appen
Mason svarte 25. november 2020

Thanks for your review, Cristobal. Looks like something was amiss on our app due to which you left us a 3-star review :(

Is there something we could do to make your experience a 5-star one?

24. november 2020

Don't know i was asked to leave a review even before i could use the app. I would have apopreciated more time to try it out

Pisani Maura
3 minutter bruker appen
Mason svarte 24. november 2020

Team Pisani, sincere apologies for this experience. If we have one unbreakable rule in the team, that's never to ask for a review without someone actually using the app! Would help us a lot if you could recount when and who shared that request with you? As a team committed to growth, we care about our users and this goes that very fabric of our commitment.

We've emailed you, hope to hear back with more details.

And once again, apologies for this experience.