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The apps broken and support do not reply.

Astra Straps
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Installed this app on two of my websites, and paid for the full pro plan. The app worked brilliantly for a full copy over, and then successfully a few more times to copy individual collections that were edited from one website to another. However, for the last few weeks the app will not load, and won't let me access any of the data. I have reached out to customer service and after one reply saying everything was working fine, I can't get an answer out of them. The app still won't work on either site, and there has been radio silence on the support end despite screenshots and follow ups from my end.

Struck Apparel
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Rewind已回复 2021年12月22日

Hello! Kaleigh here from Rewind Support. I wanted to address your concerns because it seems my support team has been trying to get in contact with you for several days now with no response!

Seems like we might be missing each other - but someone has reached out to you again today. We suspect the issue you're facing has to do with an outdated browser and we recommend upgrading to Google Chrome and trying again. Certain elements of the Shopify Copy app have not shown up properly in older versions of Safari and it's likely a display error related to the browser.

As I say - someone has reached out, so hopefully you'll receive her message very soon.


This app is a fail.

It promises to do a copy of your store but in reality the copy is not complete. There are many elements that can not be automatically copied and the company hides it until customers pay.

Even I requested my money back, the developer replied by saying that the information is clear -which was not-.

It would be fair that the company clearly states -before paying- which items will be duplicated and which not.

Innovation Safari Catalog
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Rewind已回复 2019年9月23日

Hi there,

You will see in our app description a full list of items that we support copying, as well as a list of items that are currently not supported due to limitations in Shopify's API. We try our best to ensure that merchants have the right expectations prior to installing our app and I apologize if you had missed these lists.

If you would like any further clarity in to why certain items may not be supported for copying, please don't hesitate to contact us at help@rewind.io


I need help, I copied the theme of one of my websites and nothing happend in my new store. I need the refoung of my money. I did nothing

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Rewind已回复 2022年5月2日

Hi there! We’re sorry to hear you ran into an issue with your theme copy. Brittney from our Support Team reached out to help on April 29. We’ve also gone ahead and issued a full refund for the copy. We’re looking forward to hearing back from you so we can troubleshoot and get your theme successfully copied over.

We kindly ask our customers to get in touch with our team at help@rewind.com with any issues prior to leaving a review. We have a dedicated Support Team of 6 available to troubleshoot, help run a successful copy, and answer any questions you may have. If we’re not able to help, we’ll issue a full refund per our Successful Copy Guarantee.


One star is due to the fact that this app is a rip off. they are not telling you ahead of time that you will need to buy subscriptions for all the sites you want to copy to :(

Rideau Florist Ottawa
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Rewind已回复 2019年8月12日

We apologize that this wasn't immediately apparent to you, and we have put your feedback into action by updating our app listing. Because the app listing offers limited space to describe our full product offering, we encourage you to use our help center. This is the best place to find all the details you want to know about Replay.

We offer a number of different plan options to help suit the various needs of merchants, and while the unlimited plan doesn’t sound like the most ideal option for your use case, we’d welcome you to check out our our one-time copy option which would be better suited for building out many stores using your main store as the template.

We’re always interested in hearing about other various use cases out there so if you’ve got one that doesn’t fit our current pricing models, feel free to reach out to us so we can explore a solution with you further.


Worst situation imaginable. After coping product over between two of my stores, I was having an issue where edited products would daily revert back to original pictures and descriptions, losing me hours of work per day. I uninstalled rewind copy and rewind back up and severed the link between stores. Yet the issue remains, now a month later and I cannot launch my new store because products cannot be edited permanently and new products are still pulled through life to the destination store. Support it responsive but entirely unhelpful. Do not install this product.

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Rewind已回复 2022年4月4日

Hello, Kaleigh here from Rewind Copy Support. I wanted to reach out and let you know that our developer team fully investigated this issue and found conclusively it was not related to our application. Our app - while it CAN make changes to live products on a destination account, this is only possible while a recurring copy job is live and the two sites are linked via the API and changes are being made on the source side.

I can understand the confusion, when product changes are happening without a good reason you look for recent changes to the site that might have contributed to this - however our product was not designed to 'revert' changes made to products, and the issue would not have persisted after you disconnected the API as our app injects no code, and we have no front end presence whatsoever.

I would pursue investigating this as a local ISP issue where saved changes time out before they reach Shopify because of poor internet connection. This can cause a product to appear as though it has 'reverted' when in fact changes were simply not saved in the first place due to an insecure connection.

I want to wish you good luck in investigating this issue further and let you know that we are happy to continue to work with you to copy your products, if and when you'd like to return once your problem has been resolved.


App copy half of the things.
It was completely unusable. I used a dev and he has to redo everything basically costing me 3 times this app. I think it would have been cheaper to go without this app. I asked for support but so far except saying that my dev was incompetent they didn't help me at all. I rarely don't recommend an app, but I'm not recommending this one.

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bad app, i deupplicated two time all my collection and two time a lot of collection were missing, a waste of time

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Too disappointed, although deleted apps but still charged, I suspect this is a fraudulent apps, not recommended to install.

Pet Toys
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Rewind已回复 2020年6月1日

Hi there,

We’ve looked into the details of your account and can see that you selected the $99/month Unlimited plan on May 6th, at which point you then proceeded to complete a copy of your store. As the monthly subscription was approved and the copy completed successfully, you were then charged properly for this plan. I can confirm you then cancelled your subscription after uninstalling the app on May 12th and no further charges will occur.

If you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at help@rewind.io so we can assist further.


Completely ridiculous pricing. I clicked to copy themes, products and pages. Calculated cost was over $600!!! I can do exactly the same thing using another app called "Duplicate Your Store" for the cost of $10.

This app is crazy pricing, unbelievable really!

Cheap Snow Gear
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Rewind已回复 2019年4月25日

Thanks so much for leaving your feedback! Replay offers a couple of different pricing options to meet the large variety of use cases that people have when looking to copy over their stores. Our Pay As You Go plan is currently better suited for merchants looking to copy a subset of items or a small store. But for much larger copy tasks, such as the amount of information you were trying to copy, our other plan option likely would have been a better, more cost effective fit, allowing you to bring over everything you wanted, above and beyond what the other app is capable of handling.

We’re always open to learn about the various use cases merchants may have and problems they’re trying to solve with our app, in fact, we’ve already begun actioning some changes based on your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to get a hold of us if you’ve got some questions as we’d be happy to work with you to find a solution that will work best.