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16. Februar 2014

great app, very quick to install and this will make my store even more professional!

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12. Oktober 2015

so far so good. couple of issues

I have two shopify sites, one for UK and one for Europe, so would be good to have use of the same one App on both sites. Also i have to log out and in, instead of being able to switch.

All Home Everything
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Fast 4 jahre mit der App
4. Juni 2014

It is easy to use and it works great!

D&A Guitar Gear
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2. Februar 2014

As a business owner with very little time, who gets very frustrated at being charged a fortune by web designers to implement such apps as these, I was very very happy to find that I had it installed within 20 to 30 mins, up and running with no hassles. Would highly recommend this app. Makes a difference to the overall professionalism of my website too.

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21. November 2013

Simple to use, straightforward, and a very clean design. It works well no matter what your store's design! The bold apps team is also very helpful in terms of support!

Brown Jordan Fires
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18. Februar 2014

This is great app for anyone with multiple stores and partners! Easy and simple to use with all the fields you could ever need. One thing, however, is the design is pretty standard so if you would like the layout to match your store you'll need to hire a pro to do some custom css. Other then that I highly recommend.

Founder, Oi Furniture

Oi Furniture
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27. September 2019

The bulk upload did not work for me but I was able to get a response and the outcome I wanted with the help of Rony in Customer Service within 24 hrs.

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Shop Circle hat geantwortet 30. September 2019

Hi there! We're so sorry to hear that the bulk upload didn't work properly for you, but it's great to see that Rony was able to sort it out for you so you could get those same results.

Please let us know if you need anything else; we'd be more than happy to help again! Your products look amazing, by the way, and I love your recipes page. :-)

17. Oktober 2016

Good app. The only thing that needs improving is the auto map location finder which occasionally has a mind of it's own.

Nathalie Bond Organics
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6. November 2013

This is a good dealer locator app. Easy to use back end interface. We had some issues early on with the page not populating quickly, but support was responsive in getting everything up and running.

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30. August 2021

Their support is fantastic. Thanks to Nikhil for all the help provided on getting the geocoding in. I just wish it was easier to bulk edit a chain of stores or to completely delete a chain of stores without support help. And the geocoding does not always work, but not sure if that is google map's fault or the app.

Healthy Pet
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