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2024년 3월 19일

This is by far the best looking map I have found and I've looked at a LOT. Also, it was important to me to be able to do a spreadsheet upload to easily update the retailers that carry our product. This map app checks all the boxes.

The Sassy Olive
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2024년 4월 18일

It was a challenge to set up alone bt I reached out and used the onboarding service with help for my rep Eldin Pribisic and was able to get back on track in minutes.

As for the app, I would love a few more design elements to help with the look and feel but it has all the functions we required to get up and running

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2024년 3월 20일

I reached out to Shop Circle with theme integration issues & within hours Eldin helped me get my map working on mobile & advised on some color customizations as well. I would definitely recommend as it is tough finding responsive and collaborative partners! Thanks guys.
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2024년 1월 16일

Hulk Apps / Store Locator Map is the best app on Shopify to have your retailers listed on your store. The support team helped me make it look cosmetically to my preferences as well. Highly recommend!

Denon Eyewear
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2024년 1월 26일

Fixed my issue within 5 minutes through chat.

LeMond Bicycles, Inc
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2024년 1월 10일

I've had nothing but issues with this app. I've used it on different stores and it's just one issue after another. First I wasn't able to get an export of my store list and I had to contact support multiple times over a week before they just ended up emailing me the list. The problem wasn't fixed for another month or so after that so anytime I needed an export of my store list I would have to contact support. On the second store I couldn't even get it set up because the app broke when trying to validate my API key. The support team then proceeded to tell me I had a problem with my API key, the same key that I am using on the first store which works perfectly fine. I am tired of the constant back and forth with support and will be looking for other options.
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2024년 1월 31일

Haris is helpful

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2023년 9월 21일

Excellent store locator app! It's easy to install and setup. Perhaps more importantly, the support team is quick to respond and helped me dial in a cosmetic issue right away.

Prevelo Bikes
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2023년 10월 8일

Puts pins for our store locations in completely wrong places on the map of New York City, sometimes in the middle of a park lol, and even in the wrong borough. I've wasted countless hours of my own time and patiently waited weeks on their support, pretending they would fix the issue. After all these weeks, the app does not perform its most basic function of putting accurate locations on a map. A refund promised for last month was not issued. I wish I hadn't wasted my time & money trying to salvage this app and cancelled sooner. My new store locator app was easy to set up, works properly, costs less, and comes with great support.

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2023년 11월 13일

Smiljan was a wonderful help.
She was so patient with me and assisted above and beyond.

Tribe Earth Incense
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