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24 août 2022

Good plugin. Works as it supposed to work. Their technical support is fast and top notch! Really helpful people :)

Campusravita Oy
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 3 mois
Amai a répondu 13 octobre 2022

Thank you for your kind feedback. We value customer satisfaction as always, if you require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us again !

28 juin 2021

Not the easiest app in the world to set up - there are a lot of steps to get it 'just right' - but there's a lot of stuff it needs to get right, so fair dos. There are other complicated apps that 'hand-hold' better, but as long as you follow instructions - and the guys also offer help - then you'll be OK.
I have one store, so I have the app set up to offer both Local Delivery and Collect at Store. No-one's used either yet, but my revamped site's only just gone live, so early days.
Once set up, with some help from the guys, everything's now running tickety-boo (I did a LOT of testing...). I was concerned at first that enabling the Google Maps API would cost me potentially quite a lot of money - turns out that althought Google 'charge' you to use the API, they also give you a ridiculous number of credits towards it, so in practice only *serious* users are likely to have to pay anything. And no, you don't get charged - credits are given before billing. Overall, for U$8.99/mth for the app, a reasonable buy. If it turns out nobody uses my new options, it won't be because of the app, which integrates well. Good job!

Simply The Best Toys and Gifts
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 mois
12 mars 2021

Quick turn-around and fixed exactly the way I needed it to be. I only gave 4 starts because I wasn't communicated with (in a timely manner) that the fix was done.

Baltimore Spirits Company
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 15 jours
7 février 2021

We needed an app that was easy to use for our pickup and local delivery option. We originally went with a different app that did not meet our needs when it came to customers selecting pickup order. At first when we downloaded this app it was kind of confusing with all the different tabs, but it got easier as we played with it. It synced very well with our theme and we didn’t come across any issue on our website. One thing I would like to see is the option of blocking certain time on a specific date. We’re a small business and sometime we have to run errands for a few hours and we just need to blockout time, not the whole day. The support team was prompt on emailing back with a code to change the pickup time to regular (am/pm) instead of military for our order confirmation email. Overall, we are happy with the app and recommend it!

Pretty Chic Party
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 26 jours
5 février 2021

Great support team. Helped me out to adapt the app to my shop. The app works well and customer service given by Sterling was very good.

Tortillas Klaritxu
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 mois
9 décembre 2020

Very helpful customer service, quick response and ability to fix the problems.
The only frustrating thing for us are some bugs that keep coming up, and the time difference, which results in some of our customers not going through with the orders. However, I believe that the app will be improving over time!

Targ - Kręgliccy
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ un an
30 novembre 2020

This app has been helpful! The customer service was really great to work with :) Would reccomend to others

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 2 mois
10 septembre 2020

Easy to configure as there were guides. Just wish that we can configure lead time based on working days.

epitome mall
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : Environ 2 heures
8 septembre 2020

This is a great, easy to use app for local pick up or delivery! The standard features do not include the ability to have only some items on your site available for local pick up and some only available for shipping. However, we were able to reach out to the customer support and they created a custom code tagging sequence for us that has worked well so far!

Karl Family Farms
Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 20 jours
Modifié le 20 août 2020

things to note, Does not work with google pay, android pay, not the accelerated checkout but at normal checkout, does not work for subscription services. Does not actually create a normal pickup like shopify's standard. It creates a shipping option as pick up. Other than that it works fine and could work for someone with low integrations. If you have a lot of features. this wont work

Temps passé à utiliser l’application : 6 jours