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4. August 2020

Not a store locator as pins don’t have name/address associated.
Tried to email for support but they never got back to me.

Teasmith Spirits
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4. Juni 2020

I haven't had any issues. I changed my theme and now it is not working at all. Currently looking to replace your app. Troubleshooting is not helping.

Flowers n' Vases
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Globo hat geantwortet 4. Juni 2020


we are sorry for the issue. our support team has contacted to you to fix the issue.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you
Best regards,

30. Mai 2020

it freezes up EVERYTIME we try to change anything.....this is the 5TH time I've tried to change days for pickup and it makes me fill out this stupid "survey" only to freeze up again and I get nowhere!!!! OVER IT!!!!!!!

3:Sixteen Boutique
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31. März 2020

Wrost app ever dont download it it wiil meesup you theme and they will not provide the proper help to fix it i had to go back to my old theme and do it all again the support take for ever to reply this app is bullshit all reviews are fake reviews i guarenteed 1 stars review is to mutch to give if i could give -10 i would

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Globo hat geantwortet 31. März 2020

Hi there,

Regarding the issue, Our team has sent your response via email, but we didn't get back form you: http://prntscr.com/rqim1p
When you contacted via Live chat, Our dev was working but you have turned off admin access. So we can't support you.
I'm so sorry for your experience with our team. If there is any next chance, I will do my best to support you.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. I’m feel free to help you


24. März 2020

Would work for 1/2 hour and then just stop. Setup instructions contradict each other. Support is in Asia so help is only available in EST overnight and they are NOT responsive. Would have PAID to use this app if it actually worked since it does not require you to pay Shopify the extra $20/month for Third-Party Shipping Rates functionality. Disappointed,

Hounds of York
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Bearbeitet am 12. Oktober 2021

This app became redundant for me and I decided to uninstall it however it left a lot of hidden codes in my theme thus affecting my speed rating causing my site to slow down. I asked the developer and their support team through email to help me remove these codes but I have not received any response from them... been waiting for nearly 2 weeks for a response...

Le Med
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17. Dezember 2019

Does not work as displayed. Does not filter by distance. Search does nothing. It does not geo locate the user and show them the closest location, it just shows all of them. Huge waste of time installing and entering locations.

Terra Origin
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24. November 2019

I installed it to use the free pickup in store and it still didn't disable shipping location. You can do it by yourself without an app, just by entering a new rate in your zone.

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24. Januar 2019

This app is not what it appears to be. You have to provide the exact longitude and latitude of every single shop you would like to upload. We have over 500+ locations that offer our products so this was a huge job. After getting those all up, and getting the app on the website, I was told that the only way to search for a shop is by name, NOT by location as demonstrated in the "Gallery" images. This is useless for us as we are trying to use this to show what shops are closest to them. This app was very deceitful.

Colonial Needle Company
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29. April 2018

Using this app was a nightmare! Constantly always needing to contact the developer. Would get fixed for a day and then would continue having problems the next day. Never would I use this app again.

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