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Bearbeitet am 13. April 2020

For free it has some great functionality but it isn't UK or Chrome friendly with Local Delivery. 1) The app will ask to access the customers location and then populate the full address into the POST CODE checker field. So by default the user will get a 'Your Postcode does not qualify for delivery' 2 If you (the customer) deletes the address and enters just their Postcode then it will probably fail, unless you have put in every possibly permuation that a UK postcoe check could have. For example the following seaches would fail for Postcode HP1 2AA. A part search such as HP1, a full lower case search hp1 2aa, a single strong upper case HP12AA and a single sting lower case hp12aa. So all in all they user has to really guess the format correctly OR you can manage this by creating and maintaining 6 variation of the same postcode. FYI, The England Postcoe list is too large for excel, you need to manage in in 3 spreadsheets, so if you multiple that by the 6 variations (upper case, lower etc) then you have a terrible time managing this. For the developers it would be VERY VERY easy to fix. All they need to do is let the validation ignore spaces, upper/lower case and have a 3 digit validation option. This is one reason I have only put 3 stars on the app - so they will fix this, and then it can go back to 5 stars. For now I can't use Local Delivery. Shame :(

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Globo hat geantwortet 15. April 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback. But I think there was confusing here. Because our app work with any kind of zip code.
We are using Google API to validate zipcode & distance. so it can't wrong.

I have email for you in April 13, 2020. But I didn't see your response.
I'm still looking forward to hearing from you

Best regards,