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26 februari 2024

This app need zero user skills. Norwegian online store, just need customers from Norway. I installed this app, when i saw increasing traffic from those countries you really don´t want traffic from. Also i put a lot of effort in adjusting pictures an layout for carpets. Not an easy task. So i want to keep this for my self. Of course, you can still make screenshots, but the the probability now i close to zero. Just do what the app tells you to do, and everything works fine. And for free! Thank you guys!! Recommendation to you: a lot of free apps out there, put in som other simple features in the app, like sosial media icons, trustbanner etc, and your app will be downloaded by thousands...

15 dagar användning av appen
18 maj 2024

Good app. Excellent customer service Elisa. She is very helpful, she solved my problem very efficiently.
4 månader användning av appen
19 januari 2024

This app allows you to block multiple countries without a fee- AMAZING!
As an FYI, you may still see those countries in your analytics but they are not seeing your content. I appreciate Elisa's help in in explaining that to me- she was great. I highly recommend this app.

Robin Riley Photography
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
20 februari 2024

First impressions are great. Does exactly what it says in the description. Quite easy to setup and get running too. 10 on 10.

If the ability to block by provinces in Canada and by states in the US is added, it would be perfect.

Channeling Higher Wisdom
Förenade Arabemiraten
8 dagar användning av appen
21 januari 2024

Hi. Great customer service! Thank you. I'm looking forward to using your app on our new Shopify website. Thanks so much for creating it. All best wishes!

Bob Wolff
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
3 maj 2024

Exactly what I needed, and it works perfectly fine.
Thank you!!!

2 dagar användning av appen
19 mars 2024

I have no computer skills and I was able to install this program with no problem now no one can steal my photos. I would suggest all company install a this program to protect their website photos and information from being stolen like it happened to me. Some one made up a website using my business and and took photos and information from my website selling the items way below market prices just to confuse my customers and make it hard when I explain this is a bogus website using my name and images

Balloon Place 100-12211 First Ave, Richmond BC V7E 3M3 GST NUMBER 813999539
Ungefär 2 timmar användning av appen
8 februari 2024

This app is the best i found for my shopify...I dont have any more concerns about my pic pages
Thank You

Moda Fashionista Artwork
20 dagar användning av appen
22 januari 2024

WOW I am impressed with the app. I could block the right click and block countries I do not wanna sell my products.. Love it. Thanks

La Vida Loca Store
2 månader användning av appen
9 januari 2024

This App is a necessity in the realm of creation today. We work so hard to create something truly unique to share with the world in ways we hope will give as much joy as we experienced while creating it and this App makes it possible to do so without fear of finding someone selling our creations in ways they were not intended. Thank you for creating something with such ethical purpose.

My Store
12 dagar användning av appen