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Store Clerk

Store Clerk

Developed by Lizer Group

113 reviews
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  • Fully automated 1 minute installation!
  • Increase conversion significantly with automated price notifications
  • Collect contact information from the people that only browse your store

Let our #1 Store Clerk work in your store for Free

98% of your visitors leave without buying. Sell more by making sure you get these visitors back when the price is right for them. With Store Clerk’s automatic price notifications you can sit back and enjoy the increased conversion!

Always convert: Convert each visitor that won’t buy into an intelligent email lead to make sure you eventually get that sale.

No worries, it works automatically: Store Clerk automatically notifies the right customers when you run campaigns on items they have indicated an interest in.

You’re in full control: You are always in control of your customer data and can at any time decide to actively retarget visitors with highly personalized offers in terms of product and price.

We stand by your side: Installing Store Clerk is quick and dead easy. But, if you need help to make it look beautiful in your store (or with just about anything else) just contact us and we’ll even install it for you. Email us at customer.success@lizergroup.com or call us on +1 650 260 5135 (US) or +46 733 133 600 (Sweden) and we will be happy to help you.

Thousands of customers are enjoying our services and CNBC put us on their list of World’s 20 Hottest Startups. Join the conversion movement too!

Use our integrated uninstall solution and don't click on the trashcan icon! If you click on the Trashcan icon then Shopify simply delete the files and don't the code injected. This unfortunate trashcan icon is not something that we control but is a Shopify feature. If you read the reviews you will see that there are stores that have clicked on the trashcan icon and not our integrated uninstallation feature.

Make sure you get the most out of Store Clerk and buy the success package that gives you free support and a higher impact on our development roadmap.

We help you convert your visitors

Store Clerk reviews

113 reviews
  1. 5 stars (95 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (16 reviews)

Doesn't connect.

ERROR: storeclerk.lizergroup.com refused to connect.


How easy is it to get 100 5 start reviews & how well controlled is it from Shopify its clearly visible on this application.

Im sure - just because rating does not allow submitting below 1 start most have selected 1 start - I would not...

Shopify approves this as good for Listing?
Feedback button doesn't open to anything?
Website domain - lizergroup - is non existent?
Turning application off does not have any effect?
Wonder how many have upgraded to the business account - because that page doesn't exist either.

And really well-designed and functional full-featured applications do not get listed because Shopify review team thinks it is lacking features? Really?


Does not uninstall properly. Bugs in it.


Store Clerk is Suck

It can not remove red icon on the right top corner.

If someone want to uninstall, please go to Template/product.liquid

and remove {% include 'storeclerk-auto' %} and save

Make me crazy,Store Clerk


It doesn't work and can not remove the button from my page


DOES NOT UNINSTALL! Leaves a big RED BUTTON in the top right of your product listings. AWFUL!

Whats worse is that the popup didn't even work when it was installed. Now I have to fight to get it off my page.


Please stay away from the garbage! The app when down and left the red icon on my shop. I delete the app and it didn't help the situation,it just made it worst.
I trying contacting their support with no reply.

I had to contact shopify support and the agent I chat with remove it. I bet the other shops that has this app doesn't know it's down. I only notice becasue I'm currently optimizing my shop.

Nothing is FREE. You will also pay one way or the other.


I can't uninstall for my web, the button doesn't disappear


To anyone this is relevant to: App is currently creating the capability to uninstall properly


This app has worked well for us. We now have another resource at our fingertips for targeting customers based on their behavior. That is worth gold if you know how to use it.


The free account get you started with the possibility to upgrade for more functionality

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