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Store Clerk

Store Clerk

Developed by Lizer Group

70 reviews
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  • Engage and sell to the 98% of your visitors that don't buy
  • Allow visitors to automatically be notified about price changes on products they like
  • Free and fully automated! 3 minutes set-up!

This app increases your revenue by engaging visitors and allowing them to automatically be notified if items they like becomes affordable

★ Listed by CNBC as one of the World’s 20 HOTTEST Startups ★

What is Store Clerk? See our smart presentation video!

Why use $tore Clerk

We will explain why to you in this short video!

98% of YOUR visitors will not buy and many are lost forever. Change that TODAY and SELL MORE with the free must-have conversion optimization app

✓    Get your visitors back to BUY

✓    ENGAGE your visitors when they are ready to buy

✓    No more expensive retargeting ads


Make sure that visitors return to YOUR store when they are ready to make that purchase. $tore Clerk automatically engages the customers when they are ready to buy!

It works
Many visitors find items in your store that they would like to buy but will simply not do so because they believe the price is too high. With $tore Clerk these customers can click the “Monitor Price” button that will be placed next to the buy button. This is how it works:

    1. Press “Monitor Price”-button

      2. Indicate at what price they would want to buy (10%,20%, or 30% off)

        3. One-click signup with Facebook/Google or email

          4. Done, the visitor will automatically be informed if the target price is reached

          $tore Clerk helps you capture those visitors that don’t even put items in their cart!

          DEMO STORE, Test and see how it works for real in our demo store -->

          Up and running automatically in less than 1 minute

          See how easy it is to install: 1 Minute installation demo

          The installation is almost as easy as the installation of an app on your smartphone. You will be up and running in less than 5 minutes. Once setup, it will continue to run automatically. Our advanced technology allows us to monitor the prices without integrating with your back end.

          Top notch customer success team

          If need help installing the Store Clerk app we can do the installation for you. Just contact us by email and we will improve the conversion in your store.
          You are always welcome to email us at customer.success@lizergroup.com but we would actually love to talk to you on the phone if you prefer that.

          Reach us at +1 650 260 5135 or +46 733 133 600 (Sweden) and we will be happy to help you.

Store Clerk reviews (70)


This is a great app! It is so easy to use and the support team has answered my questions quickly and gone way above and beyond to help me accomplish what I was trying to do.


Awesome App. Helped us make more sales and get insights into what our customers are willing to pay for products. Optimizing price is so important. It's helped our men's clothing store a lot!


This app is awesome.
This Help me to increase my store sales.
Also i recommend others to use it. It's nice and easy to use.


Outstanding App ! Engaged my visitors and increased my sale . Very helpful for both newbies and existing store owners . I can't wait to give 5 star to this app .


Great App ! I really liked this app. Thanks to the developers who created such an awesome and helpful app . Highly recommended to every one who want to increase his sale .


Awesome ! Absolutely increased my sale from what it was before this app . I really love this app and also recommend to others. Very helpful for increasing sale !!


l Recommend this App to every shopify store owner, as it entails everything to generate sales, is nice and easy to use.


Awesome App. Helped us make more sales and get insights into what our customers are willing to pay for products. Optimizing price is so important. It's helped our men's clothing store a lot!


Wow!! This the best app for retargeting, it informed my store visitors about my New Discount price, and they came back to buy, Excellent app.


UPDATE: it took a bad review to get this fixed. The CEO contacted me and set everything up, and got me a username and password within a 12 hour window. This should not have been this difficult, but support emails went unanswered, and that's a bad first impression. He assured it wasn't what he wanted. I hope that other people do not have the experience I did. It is installed, and we'll see how it works. 4 stars for fixing their problems and owning up to their mistakes.

PREVIOUS 2 STAR: Installed, didn't work so I reached out to their support. They told me to Wait that a new version was coming out. New version is here. I installed it, it still doesn't work and I've still not received an email ( the one with login and password) or response to my support emails to support in the last week. I would LOVE this feature, but until it works I can't say much about it. 2 stars for a great idea, -3 for bad support assistance. I did email customer.success@lizergroup.com before posting this, as well as commenting on their youtube channel to try to get some help. NO ONE has helped me yet.


Early bird offer!
Free for all of you who install our $tore Clerk during the next 30 days.

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