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2021년 10월 22일

A store locator that offers a free plan with only one store... seems quite misleading. Don't download this, find an alternative.

Flettede Fugle
앱 사용 기간 3일
답글 Storeify개 2021년 10월 22일


We are very sorry that our app has made you unhappy. We are very sad that you left a 1* review for our app. We understand your frustration, but we also ask that you reconsider this case. Many other store locator apps have similar free plans and only allow 1 location. Moreover, we describe each plan very clearly, you already know that before you install it.
Your review can have a very negative impact on our application, we really appreciate your help in this case. We hope you have a fair rating between our app and others.

Kind regards,