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7. Oktober 2022

Backup done, easy installation. (But I've never need to restore my site yet).
Easy interface too, good UX.

Rêves de plume
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
Bearbeitet am 10. August 2022

App does not work; bad UX when it comes to the main purpose of this app , to reset your store when you need it . I've tried to restore my products deleted after a wrong update and I never could recover them. Also when clicking deleted products panel next to current products , we receive a 404 response. Edit: ""

3 tage mit der App
SyncX hat geantwortet 7. August 2022

Hi there,

[UPDATE 9 Aug] The UI bug has been squashed on our side and we can confirm it is working normally now. We hope you can give our app a second chance.

We're so sorry for the terrible user experience you've encountered. Our team has found a bug that caused this issue. Rest assured, we're working on it to get it fixed ASAP.