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19. Juni 2023

Been using this app for awhile now. It's been great and for some small issues we've had the support has been fast and efficient.

Coquette International
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
20. September 2017

Iris went above and beyond to help my business, and I can't believe I can't leave more than just 5 stars. The integration was seamless. Thank you!

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 8 jahre mit der App
12. Oktober 2018

The app works but the support is top notch. Support can make or break an app, and these guys are always there to help. Definitely recommend this app.
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 7 jahre mit der App
2. Oktober 2014

Here's why this is the best store location app in the Shopify App Store and in my opinion, the only one worth spending the time implementing.

1 - Tyler is dedicated to supporting his customers. He kept trying until he fixed our particular issues. It's IT. There are always issues. How those issues are dealt with is what's most important.

2 - It actually works. There's a competing product from one of the larger app providers and it had my stores in the wrong continent and some in the middle of the ocean. It took them several attempts over several weeks to fix and eventually they all had to have the latitude and longitude manually entered for each. That's a workaround. I want something that actually looks up the addresses correctly. Far less risky. There was also another competing product that didn't even open at all.

3 - There's an extremely useful feature that sets this apart from all the others (as far as I can tell and at the time of writing this) and that's the list of ungeocoded stores. The other app I tried didn't tell me there were any problems with my stores. If you have hundreds like us, it would take forever to check them all one at a time and the competing product didn't consider a store in the middle of the ocean to be incorrect anyway. With Tyler's app, I simply reviewed the list of ungeocoded stores one at a time and sure enough, each store in the list had a quirky bit of info in the address that was tripping up Google Maps. Once resolved, they're all working great.

Thanks Tyler. Great stuff.

slip for beauty sleep
Fast 7 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 15. September 2020

**UPDATE - Maybe 2 years later, needed to redo the content of our map. Brittany was super patient with me and helped me set up their new GOOGLE SHEETS SYNC. This is going to be so helpful in finally keeping our store list up to date plus the system will ignore duplicates. Thanks again.

THANK YOU TYLER! I installed this app into our site, went live, and then showed our CEO. She flipped out! So, thanks for making me look sooo good. Also, thanks for taking the time to help whenever I got stuck with anything from 6 missing geocodes (out of 600+) to customizing the CSS. I build the site for our company and now the non-computer savvy team is going to be able to add all the new stores! We have stores all over the world and this app integrated everything seamlessly. Tyler, this app is wonderful and your updates keep making it better and better.
Thanks again.
Jessica @

Jao Brand
Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 7 jahre mit der App
12. Juni 2017

This app is great! We love the bulk upload option– saved us so much time! Just enough of personalization available, but not difficult to use!

Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 6 jahre mit der App
16. September 2019

Love the app. It allows us to track all of our stores which is important for our offline business because we have no "Freaker" storefronts. - In addition, customer service is outstanding. Took less than an hour for the team to respond and fix the issues that I was seeing.

Freaker USA
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 5 jahre mit der App
26. August 2021

The features and support for this app are top notch. We have been using this app for a couple of years and the features have been enhanced for a more customized user experience and brand centric feel. Definitely recommend them.

Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 5 jahre mit der App
6. Februar 2020

Storemapper is hands down our favourite app on Shopify. It is so versatile, not only for store locations, but any kind of mapping functionality for a store. And the team goes above and beyond to help making it work and to tweak those little details. We've been using it for a couple of years already and couldn't be happier. Thanks again to Iris and everyone at the team for your help!

Mehr als 5 jahre mit der App
Storemapper hat geantwortet 7. Februar 2020

Thanks a lot for this wonderful review! It's always a pleasure talking to you and working on challenging tasks you bring. Your case wasn't a typical usage of our app and here on Storemapper we really liked the opportunity to be creative and adjust the app to your needs. And we love the result! Come up with more ideas :)

23. März 2020

Iris is AHHHmazing! The customer service is impeccable, and I am talking step by step. I really, really needed handholding to update Google API and geocode and all things scienc-y. It's awesome to see stores pop up on your map, especially when you are small and growing. The ease of app use, and the layout on screen - all delightful. But, the customer service - by far the best. Totally recommend!

Tough Mother
Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als 5 jahre mit der App
Storemapper hat geantwortet 26. März 2020

It's Iris here and you made my day with this feedback! Appreciate that so much! Google API set up can be a journey and we try to make it as smooth as possible. Happy to see how our customers are growing and be a part of it! Thanks again and do not hesitate to ping us anytime!