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4. September 2020

I looked into a number of store mapper apps and found this one to be the best balance of price and function. App loads super fast (unlike some others), it is super customizable (you can style literally everything, especially with CSS), and the support team is awesome (thanks Brittany!). Would definitely recommend.

Fleur & Bee
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29. September 2020

we only have a basic plan but it lets us include all the categories and information we need. Support was fantastic.

Spelean Australia
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15. Dezember 2020

Just started to use this app in order to drive customers to retailers that carry our product after our DTC shipping cutoff for holiday. It works great and support has been great!

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26. April 2022

We've installed this app to get our store locator data out of our ERP system and map them in an online store locator. It's works perfectly. I'm especially very satisfied with the customer service team. They are always quickly with responses and happy to assist.

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19. Oktober 2022

We have had StoreMapper installed on our site for a while. It has always been one of those apps that works as expected and we don't check it's functionality that often. We recently had some API connector issues and Philly jumped on a call with me right away and got it resolved in minutes. She was super helpful and responsive. Great service!!

Mented Cosmetics
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
24. Februar 2021

This app does several things exceptionally well. Setup is super easy and does not require you to know how to code. The map that is generated is large, detailed, and very accurate. There are tons of settings you can change and fine-tune to get the exact look you want, and everything is spelled out for you in plain terms. Adding addresses and filters is a breeze, and we love that we can sync it with our Google Sheet. And their technical team is very responsive! All of that would already make a great app. But what makes this app above and beyond the others: the developer-friendly features. You can fine-tune the CSS, query stores with their CRUD API, run code after events using their Javascript callbacks, set certain initial load values with HTML attributes, and more. Being able to fine-tune our map like this has opened up a range of possibilities that has saved our team a LOT of time, and allowed us to produce an amazing store and product locator. This is absolutely a top-tier map tool that deserves much more attention. Highly recommended!

Black Rifle Coffee Company
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
6. Juli 2021

The app is working perfectly so far. Over at customer support, Philly has been beyond my expectation. 10/10. I'm an happy user.

Yourvanlife Inc
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
11. Dezember 2018

Having an app that works well is one thing but support can make or break any app. In this instance it totally makes it. Thanks for all your help Iris!

Projectme UK
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Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
12. Juli 2021

Best Customer Service Ever! - A colleague enabled Store Locator on our store about a year ago. When we identified that it was not working and unsure of what that colleague had done (they are no longer with company), we reached out to Storemapper (Philly - an awesome and responsive representative of Storemapper). Through a couple of emails and a quick web call, we were able to get it operational! Next Year we are going to root for The Three Lions!
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App
28. Juni 2022

As a new member of the team I was struggling to de-bug an issue we were having with Storemapper. Philly came back to me within 24 hours and was very patient and responsive - supporting me to get the issue resolved. The functionality is good and exactly what we need to help customers find out stockists. It also has several features in the back-end that Philly helped me to find which I'll also be exploring further. Overall exactly what you'd want from an app - good functionality and great support if you have an issue.

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