StoreQ ‑ Smart Events Finder

StoreQ ‑ Smart Events Finder


Your endless source of customer engagement ideas


Find Relevant Events...

From food to health, from Sushi Day to Movember, browse our events list, find the perfect ones for your store and customers!

... To Start Engaging!

Know which events your customers may be interested in, and keep them engaged. An engaged customer will likely buy more!

And It's Easy!

Once you suggest us a couple of interesting keywords, we study your store to find the most suitable events for your business.

有關 StoreQ ‑ Smart Events Finder

Your endless source of customer engagement ideas.

Today, keeping your customers engaged is fundamental. However, doing it can be hard sometimes. You have to search for new ideas and do it often. But, did you know that:

  • a lot of events, from Sushi Day to Movember, happen every year?
  • an engaged customer buys more than a colder one?

All those events become an invaluable tool and an occasion to create a conversation if you use them well. However, how can you find the right ones for your store?

StoreQ - Smart Events Finder helps you find the right events for your business, so you can start using them to engage your customers. And, you know... an engaged customer spends more!

It's easy to get started. Once you install the app, specify a couple of relevant keywords. We will study your store and do the rest!


  • a "What's Up" section to see what's hot in the current week/month;
  • a "Next Week" section to see what's coming next week and be prepared;
  • a "Next Month" section to see what's coming next month and play the game right;
  • no code installed in your theme. Yeah, no slowdowns!

StoreQ - Smart Events Finder



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