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Store Monitoring - Track competitors and your own store.

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Peace of Mind

Assurance that your business-critical pages are running as expected and if not, be alerted before your customers find out.

Competitor Price Monitoring

Monitor competitor's pricing and get alerted to succeed your competitive edge.

Stay in the Loop

Stay informed and review when pages have been updated by your team members.

Om StoreWatch

The App to Monitor Stores.

StoreWatch allows you to monitor store pages anywhere online. Monitor your competitors and stay on top. Enjoy peace of mind your own store is running as expected.

Why Install StoreWatch and What It Solves:

  • Can you keep track of your competitors pricing? You are in a competitive pricing market and have to make daily checks to your customer pages. Use StoreWatch and keep track of key elements on their store pages like price.

  • Do you know your store is running as expected? Before a customer complains, if something was bringing down your site or changing what a customer sees, StoreWatch could alert you that pages are not displayed as they should.

  • Can you reduce the effort for reviewing website changes? You have several team members who publish changes to the live site. You want to track these changes are as expected when published as part of your review process. No need to wait to be informed by your team, be informed directly by StoreWatch.

Other benefits

  • Quick Alerts - you can specify how often you want pages to be checked, so for critical pages, check more frequently.
  • Security Breaches - use change monitoring for notifications if malicious attacks to deface your store occur.

How It Works:

Specify the URL of the page you wish to monitor and based on your subscription how quickly you want to be informed. That's it - StoreWatch runs day and night, completely in the background, with no impact on your store. And again based on your subscription, when something changes, you'll either get an email and mobile notifications (coming soon).

By default, the entire contents of the page specified are monitored. However you have the option to only monitor specific elements of the page if you so wish - for example, you may only want to watch the price, a certain title, or even a paragraph - you choose.




Basic Plan


  • Watch 5 pages
  • Check every 60 minutes

Standard Plan


  • Watch 25 pages
  • Check from every 30 minutes
  • Mobile alerts (coming soon)

Professional Plan


  • Watch 100 pages
  • Check from every 5 minutes
  • Mobile alerts (coming soon)

* Alla avgifter debiteras i USD. Återkommande avgifter, inklusive månads- eller användningsbaserade avgifter, debiteras var 30:e dag.

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