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A range of BK Beauty’s brushes and beauty products on a countertop

When beauty YouTuber Lisa Jauregui and her husband, Paul, first launched BK Beauty, they were blown away by the demand for their lux makeup and brushes. So they turned to apps to help them stay on top of things.

Automate repetitive tasks

When they were first starting out, BK Beauty tracked their relationships with influencers using spreadsheets and email threads. With Aspire, now everything's easier, more reliable, and all in one place.

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Influencer Marketing for High-Growth eCommerce Brands

Reach out and listen up

BK Beauty emails customers about limited-edition products, early access, and special promotions. Their email program also gives insights into what customers are looking for, which they use to shape their product roadmap.

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Email, SMS, and more - a unified customer platform
Portrait of Paul Jauregui
We chose to integrate Shopify Apps because we needed technology with incredible operational functionality that would support our business.

Paul Jauregui, Cofounder, BK Beauty

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