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From open waters and streams to artificial surf pools, Switzerland caters to all types of surfers—and Surfari Surf Shop offers the essentials to take part in it all, whether it’s renting out equipment or setting up custom shipping rates. Check out the apps they use to make it all happen.

Rent it out

Surfari Surf Shop offers a variety of equipment available for rent, including wetsuits, wakeboards, riverboards, and SUPs. With IzyRent, they can manage the entire rental process—from accepting bookings to handling deposits.

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Take rentals, bookings, events, services & appointments
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Show the right rates

Using BSure Checkout Rules, Surfari Surf Shop can offer table rate shipping, which helps them charge the right rates when someone purchases a bulky item, like a surfboard.

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Customize checkout behavior with conditional powerful rules
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Get granular

With Power Tools Suite, Surfari Surf Shop’s customers can filter wetsuits by clasp type, thickness, and size.

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Scan and sell

With Retail Barcode Labels, the staff at Surfari Surf Shop can easily scan and sell items from their brick-and-mortar location. Best of all, SKUs are attached to their online products, making inventory tracking a breeze.

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Create and print barcode labels for your products
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The Shopify App Store drives innovation and provides us with a way to modify our store to our specific needs. The tech stack stories are a great way for me to learn about apps other merchants are using.

Roman Hartmann, CEO, Surfari Surf Shop

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